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'Orrible Murders etc.

Returned to the Wellcome Gallery  and caught up with the exhibit the othere day.The galleries have been expanded, and there was a lot to see, all quite interesting. Nothing too gruesome, although some of the stuff was rather upsetting in the 'human tragedy' department, especually this woman talking about her experiences sorting out 'remains' in Kosovo.
I had intended to do the Sex show upstairs as well, but after over two hours in Forensics land, my short lil' span of attention had had it. It's on all year anyway.
I bloody well slept in until nearly eight this morning, and very nearly didn't exercise, but I forced myself, and felt duly virtuous (proud face-) I'm still taking it easy with arm and chest stuff, though.

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Huh. IMO those colours are lovely.

R is amazing! For the first time, I'm wondering if it's all a piece of performance art.

I've known her for ten years or so, and she's always 'in character.'

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