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Shakespeare and Vellekoop...

Went along on Thursday to see the Globe's TITUS ANDRONICUS at the Picture House. There were only ten people there, but it was so good that strangers actually commented to each other on the way out, on how terrific it was.
Evidently this staging had people fainting or fleeing the auditorium in terror. Hype, probably, but I felt pretty squick myself, at the way Lavinia kept gobbing up blood and clots, and there was an unexpected 'orrible murder that was quite a gross-out , too. I wasn't familiar with any of the actors, but William Houston's Titus, a bit barmy from the start, and Obi Abili as the very naughty Aaron the Moor, took every opportunity to revel in the horrid humour, and were brilliant. The whole cast was good, and there was cool music and stuff, and it was fab,yeh. Really glad I laid out the money. -that-makes -the-stomach-churn-and-hands-shake.html  

Yesterday I braved the intense fug of pollution,(which hopefully wil dispel today-) to check out COCKADOODLE, the Maurice Vellekoop show at Space Station Sixty-Five. I raelly enjoyed that, too, although I'm not an enormous fan. (I personally find his stuff a bit too twee and pretty, but he's fantastically skilled, no disputing.) His colour ink style is amazingly vivid and lovely, and his upcoming graphic memoir I'M SO GLAD WE HAD THIS TIME TOGETHER looks very interesting.
If you dislike lots of images of humungous erect willies, perhaps better avoid, but otherwise, well worth dropping in.
While I was there, I'm afraid I succumbed to more 'Spend, spend, spend' lunacy and got David Shelton's STANLEY AND THE MASK OF MYSTERY, which I've always wanted to read, and some other cool comix.

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