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Crap Film But Intriguing Band Bad Boys

We were crashed out in the luxury hotel in Brussels, and while surfing on the poor-reception telly, I landed on an unidentiified pay film, which I've traced by googling 'Samuel L Jackson + Rammstein' ....He was slinking around looking dodgy, with, I think a scarred face, unless it was the reception. Some guy got shot dead, AND Rammstein was really letting rip. Then they cut it off, and you have to pay if you wanna see more. It was obviously a really lame action 'thriller'...("XxX", it turns out,) but I was almost tempted by the bitchin' fiery-furnace performance of the band...and one of them is hot in every sense. Never really took in what they looked like, before. Must go find out who the cutie is.

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