Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sun In Souf London...

Ended up going to the lil' mall in Wandsworth, and just mooching around. Another real Spring day, and I went out with just a gillet, instead of a jacket; didn't even need that, really.
Ambivalent deathfat musing:
Read an article in the weekend papers about actor John Goodman. From the photos, he's lost a lot of weight since I last watched him in something (TREME, I think-) and now, like moi, he looks tubby rather than strikingly immense. I thought 'Good for him/me'. I can't help feeling guilty when I have such thoughts, though, and like I'm buying into the fat haters' agenda. admitting you can't be/look well if you're fat. Really, I don't, but Mr Goodman and I do look a lot better for our shrinkage. It's all much more complicated than most people think, and different for every fatty.


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