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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Sun In Souf London...
Ended up going to the lil' mall in Wandsworth, and just mooching around. Another real Spring day, and I went out with just a gillet, instead of a jacket; didn't even need that, really.
Ambivalent deathfat musing:
Read an article in the weekend papers about actor John Goodman. From the photos, he's lost a lot of weight since I last watched him in something (TREME, I think-) and now, like moi, he looks tubby rather than strikingly immense. I thought 'Good for him/me'. I can't help feeling guilty when I have such thoughts, though, and like I'm buying into the fat haters' agenda. admitting you can't be/look well if you're fat. Really, I don't, but Mr Goodman and I do look a lot better for our shrinkage. It's all much more complicated than most people think, and different for every fatty.

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Doesnt he look well? Im surprised at your guilt Lee. One of the many things I got from your comics was the lack of shame in your avatars fat, the celebratory aspect, very refreshing. Now that Im sixteen and a half stone, its a narrative thats all the more comforting, a self portrayal thats memetically lifted a shed load of potential mental health problems. Fat, so wat?

I think i lost touch around about the time you were going throuh your weight loss. Im a bad LJer. What were your methods?

At the end of 2013, I finally got a 'sleeve gastroectomy' on the NHS, after years of waiting. I'd started 'working out', about 6 months before that, when they put up the outdoor gym downstairs. I'm still a long way from a 'normal' weight but I've lost stones, and have a lot less pain with my arthritis. I'm still all crippled up,but rather less so. It's grand, if not the 'easy way' the tabloids would have you believe.
Where you been, anyway?

Ah, I dunno what happened. Living in Northern Ireland gets me down a lot and Facebook taught me bad blogging habits. In December I had a month of ugly bronchitis, and March, laryngitis. I didn't get much further than the flat; lots of reading and cleaning. Well, tell a lie, I just got back from two days on Rathlin were I picked up a lot of sun and got some respectable writing done. I saw hares, giant hares! And I got some walking done, yet, still a way to go.

Oh, just seeing the images now. Wonderful expressions, shape, use of colour and letters. Bravo.

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