Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Ahhhhhhh! They Lie!

YOU ARE 40% Pikey

You have a whiff of dog blanket about you and your shoes need to be resoled. You enjoy garden centres and eating out at country pubs. Your quite well known at the local KwikFit and think nothing of sticking a Bart Simpson doll to your rear seat window. You have often enjoyed a curry or kebab after a night down the pub and have used a doorway as a public toilet. It is likely that you have been arrested for a minor offence and count George Best as an idol. You are likely to have been educated to A Level standard.

Puh-LEEZE,it's just wicked slander...Of course, I am surrounded by 'em. Could it be contagious? Nooooooo.....

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