Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sleepytime Gal...

This is getting so bizarre. Last night, I must have fallen asleep straight after EASTENDERS, and was sparko until I woke up in the chair, not knowing WTF was going on, at 4AM, This ain't right...
Howevah, I do feel perkier today than I have since the op. So fingers crossed, maybe I've had all the extra sleep I need for the moment. I'm used to having a CFS problem, but that is just crazy.
I've been having incredibly mad and vivid dreams, too. The kind that are so complicated and grotesque you can't even find words to describe them.
Also somewhat dream-related... There is an extremely slender possibility of being included in a comic project that would be red hot, if by any chance it ever happened. Ya never can tell. Digits entwined.

Here's a doodleblast from with past, with the ever-popular R Next Door... And the last panel, wot I forgot, from one I posted yesterday...


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