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City On Fire!
[Mild Spoiler]

Just great, there's been another 'Exploding Pavement' event; a biggie, right by High Holburn, and I have to use the Central Line at sparrow fart tomorrow, to get to this week's hospital appointment in Essex. (Hope the rest of the stitches come out.)
Well, thank heaven nobody's been fried...yet.
I've been very weak-willed, worse than usual, due to my post-op funk, I tell myself, but I'm always weak-willed, and now I'm getting a cold, too. This led to my seduction by TV NOW, an 'economy' branch of the Devil's Sky. I've been kicking myself, but heyyyy; GAME OF THRONES, you know...
I then succumbed to curiosity and bought a reduced price 'cronut' from a local baked goods stall. Big mistake, of course. While you could feel the bad cholesterol and zillion calories seeping into your body, it was also unspeakably tasty. Never again. Wanted to see what they were like, and now I know...
Watched MOOD INDIGO, thinking it would probably be too twee and  romcommy pour moi,and it was, but it was watchable for the crazy visuals, set in a sort of steampunky fantasy Paris.

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Loved the weirdly shrinking room in MOOD INDIGO :-)

Yes, very imaginative stuff; visually it was a treat.

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