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Interesting She-Hamlet...
Went to the Picture House for Ms Peake's interpretation of the Dane. It wasn't cut much; about 3 1/2 hours, all told.
It didn't drag, though. It was a very confident bare-bones production; in the round, in modern dress.
There was a solid cast, led by Maxine Peake, who done good. She's slight of build and rather light of voice, a scrappy. spiky little Hamlet, very much a 'teenager' I wasn't moved by her, as I was by Rory Kinnear some months ago, but she was very good. Several other characters had sex changes; ,'Polonia', 'Marcella', etc., and were quite believable.
John Shrapnel wasn't that interesting as Claudius, but the was a very fine Ghost. Katie West was a less weedy Ophelia than usual, which made her suddenly going loco rather disturbing. Polonia was a smooth lady MP-type, played straight, and very well, I thought by Gillian Bevan. It was nearly sold oui. Ran into a couple from the choir.

Some more doodles from when the scanner was kaput...


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