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Stuff What I Watched...
Every time I try to watch POLDARK I'm asleep before the end.
I watched KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, which was actually mildly amusing.
I've discovered an interesting newish auteur, Yann Gonzales, who's into vividly coloured, dreamily enigmatic musings on sex and death. (What's not to like?) I got a DVD of what seems to be his first full-length film, YOU AND THE NIGHT, and several shorts. He's definitely one to watch.
I'm still watching ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, season two. I've come to really like it, after being underwhelmed by the first couple of episodes.
Also following BETTER CALL SAUL and HOUSE OF CARDS on Netflix.
I'm seriously tempted to get the 'cheap' subscription to the Devil's Sky because I want to see GAME OF THRONES 5 so much, but I swore 'Never Again' the last time I cancelled...



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