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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Cream Crackered...
Six hours to the hospital, being seen, and getting back. I passed out almost immediately when I got in and missed a radio play about Frankie Howerd getting LSD therapy.
All seems to be going pretty well, thank the gods, and they took off some of the bulky, itchy dressings, although I still have the binder.
To add to the creepiness of the tube journey, there was a huge poster for Germanwings on the wall, featuring a hott female flight attendant, and reading 'Get ready to  be surprised!'  (Later saw on the news that they're being removed.)
Was also peeved by the inevitable tabloid trash implying that depressives are all potential mass killers who shouldn't be given responsible jobs. *Sigh*

R Next Door Strikes again...

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I suppose, the good thing about R is that she never dissembles, she'll tell you exactly what she thinks without any sugar coating. She reminds me of my mum. (Groan.)

You're right, there. She reminds me uncannily of my mum, too.

Yeah, I wondered when the mental health bashing would start.

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