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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

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Funny Animal Antics...
Went to the dog park with R to meet the little shi ztu she's helping to look after. Fossie's human male's mum, a famous ballerina, in her time, has had a nasty fall and needs to recuperate, so they've got her amusing lap dog for the moment. She's a cheerful little character; very relaxed with the other dawgs, and intrigued by my cat-smelling jeans. She has a very entertaining habit of doing a sort of 'hand-stand' while peeing, too.
I did some leg presses, as you don't need to do anything with your upper bod. Felt OK.
Dreading the schlep to Essex and back early tomorrow morning. (I don't get any less creeped out by the tube...) but hopefully won't faint or anything. Must watch the Richard III service, now.

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Leg presses sound like you're making pretty good progress. Mazel tov for the schlep to Essex.

PS Poor famous ballerina! I always wonder how they get on in later life. They seem so delicate, like greyhounds, but they're probably actually strong as horses with all that bone-strengthening leaping up and down.

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