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I was pretty spaced out Friday. I'd stayed over at H & T's, as they live fairly near the hospital. and they very kindly drove me there for 6:30. I was so frit, I could barely walk.My knees were knocking!  It all went pretty well, though; I went down fairly early, and was back in my room groggily watching TV by 3:30. I was really sore (They only give you paracetemol. I wanted morphine!) and it freaks me out having drains in, but all in all, it was pretty bearable. The bed was tiny, and with the head raised, my feet were left hanging off, and I'm certainly not tall. The food was horrid,fully as gross as NHS, but I didn't have much appetite, so no problem, and I got plenty of coffee, and the luxury of my own en suite.
Saturday was pretty chaotic, with hardly any staff, and confusion over what time I was to be ejected, which involved H having to cancel my 10 Am car, etc, and a lot of anxiety I didn't need, but reception got me another for 'only' £35, at 4:30 or so, and that was that. I have to schlep back there on Friday, which I'm not looking forward to.
Bloody cat insists on getting on the bed, which I'll have to hoover, somehow, and perching on my chest.  %*#¬!!!
All the Richard III carry-on is fascinating, and in a strange way, rather touching, although I agree with those who think it might nhave been better to inter him at York, rather than where he was butchered, desecrated, and displayed naked after death, but I don't suppose he's bothered at this point. I was a member of the Richard III Society in school, and had a rather lovely little Boar brooch from them. Wonder whatever happened to that?
I feel trapped indoors all day, and may try a short walk, maybe to Queenstown Road, later.

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Well done, and I'm so glad it went more smoothly than you were expecting. I hope the schlep back on Friday is also better than expected.

Glad it went well, or as well as it did .. here's to quick recovery ...

I understand this kind of surgery is particularly sucky in the pain department, so it sounds like it's going a lot better than it might have. Cheers to a speedy recovery.

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