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Surgery Looms...
Divine androgyny ahead, I hope! I'm actually too overwhelmed with all the mess in the flat and having no hot water for days, that I don't even feel very scared, yet.
Yesterday's safari into dismal Essex was grim. I left before eight, and there were the expected bus delays, including having to flee one because of a 'suspicious package', sealed up with gaffer tape, evidently left by 'someone in a hurry'. Don't know what happened, but obviously it wasn't a bomb, thank gods.
Then it was constant quivering panic attacks for about an hour on the crowded tube train, followed by another bus, and a bracing stroll, that seemed a long way, down a particularly dreary road in the drizzle.
Once I got there, they just took some blood and gave me an ECG, and 'See you Friday', in less than ten minutes. Repeat whole feckin' journey...
I was surprised that you don't have to pay for the coffee in the waiting area. Private privelege...
I'm skipping exercise again to wait in for the boiler-fixing man. *Sigh* I don't know if I'll be up for choir tonight.
Tomorrow in the late afternoon, I head for Essex again, to stay over at H's. T has kindly offered to drive me to the clinic at sparrow fart, as public transport isn't operating early enough for me to get there from here for 6:30. Oy vey...

Here's some more Istanbul stuff...

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Is this the swag removal surgery? You should ask them to make the spare bits into a mini-me.

Sorry, good luck with the surgery. Wishing you a pleasing result.

Hee hee...Yes, top half. I'm still petitioning to get the 'apron' removed on the NHS. They refused the first time, but we're appealing.
I always wanted to be properly flat-chested, so fingers crossed.

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