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Istanbul Diary (2)

The guy came about the hot water; has to come back tomorrow with a part, but I'll be out at the hospital until gods know when...
Great relief! I don't have to be prodded and interrogated and insulted  for PPI, 'cos I'm so bloody old. DLA 'handout' as usual this year. I was so scared. Whew...
POLDARK isn't grabbing me. Too sanitised and obvious, although Aidan Turner is a nicely smouldery young person. I never got into the original, either, although my late friend M was obsessed with it and (yuck-) Robin Ellis. Oddly, she later met and became very chummy with Angharad Rees and her then-husband Christopher Cazenove. She never did get to try her luck with Mr. Ellis, though.
BANISHED, set around the same time, is also unconvincingly clean and healthy-looking, but I find it more involving.
Had to have my fake nails removed prior to the op. Damn, they were good for a few more weeks, at least. My fingers look SO stubby and chippolata-like now.


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