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CUCUMBER is finished. I only watched about half of it, because I found 'Henry', the central character, so profoundly repellent that I couldn't really get into it. I'm afraid I never bothered with the connected BANANA and TOFU at all.
Watched a lame DVD, DRACULA, DARK PRINCE, which was totally soporific, except for a few weird cameos, like Roger Daltrey as the King of Hungary, or something. Odd.
BANISHED is shaping up quite well. I have an ancestor or two who was transported in Victorian times. I suppose it was slightly more civilised, by then... Poor Werewolf Boy from BEING HUMAN was starving to death because The Hound kept stealing his food. They sorted him, though.
I got hold of a DVD of NOT OF THIS EARTH, The original 50's one that haunted my dreams as a child. It holds up rather well, actually, lthough it's more of a black comedy than out and out horror, to adult eyes. That flying octopus/headsquasher is still a bit scary, though.
I like BETTER CALL SAUL, and it's getting better as it goes along. Very good ep this week, about the backstory of 'Mike'.
Must get around to season 3 of the Kevin Spacey HOUSE OF CARDS, and I'm way behind on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. So much displacement 'activity' so little time...

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