Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Psyched myself up to go to choir, only to discover it had been cancelled at the last moment, due to a double booking of the hall. Fap. I'm lucky, though, at least I only had to go back across the road, for EASTENDERS and extra cat-cuddling.
R Next Door informs me that there is a 'sickly smell' permeating my flat, because I don't always leave my windows open for an hour a day, regardless of weather. 'Yew do not notice it, but...' Just like the ulta-potent whiff of DOG that knocks you back on your heels when her door opens...
Getting around any part of London seems to be virtually impossible at the moment. Nearly an hour and a half to Knightsbridge this morning, and 'This bus terminates here' decantings each way...

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