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Completely Wasted Morning
I am so very pissed off...
After my 'workout'., I decided to catch up on the exhibits at the Wellcome Collection, even though I just wanted to slump and binge on Netflix stuff. Everything, everywhere is on bloody diversion. It took an hour and a half to get there, plus having to get out and walk a couple of times. Then...I discovered the galleries are closed Mondays. Shoulda checked, eh? I was certain I'd been there on Mondays before, though. SHIT!
Tried another route back, but it was even more tortuous, if possible. Ohhhh, the vexation!
Gonna eat pizza, now. I don't care. Grunt. I was depressed to start out with, and thought all the forensics and fornication would perk me up...

The weather changed quite suddenly, too. After a pleasantly crisp, sunny start, it is bloody raw out there.


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