Grumpy Birthday To Me...

.Blah, the weather's gone back to grim and  grizzly after a few nice, crisp, bright days. I really didn't fancy  doing my jerks and stretches in the park, but managed it, and then schlepped to the launderette, had a coffee, and went to Sainsbury's  as they seen to have the best value  monkey nuts for the critters, only today they didn't have any.
Oddly, a white-haired  man said 'Good Morning, my dear' warmly, as I stumped along, and then , a bit later, another geezer, with a white beard, said 'I hope yhou have a lovely afternoon'  Rather unusual, but it certainly beats people yelling.  'Yaaaah! You fat old dyke!'  or something, which I'm more used to.
I'm also VERY pleasantly surprised that  some kind souls donated money to my FB birthday fundraiser for CRISIS. That is really supercool. I wasn't expecting to raise anything, especially at this time of year.
Yesterday's hospital visit was just routine bloods, etc., thank gods. I had been frit they were going to whisk me in for a hiatus hernia op, straight away. Whew! There's still no solution to the 'reflux' misery, though. Glug.
I'm told there may be a 'barium meal'  in my not-too-distant future, which doesn't please me, but I've heard that apart from it being disgusting, there's no real unpleasantness, so OK.


flying adipose


Actual hard frost this morning, with a slick of ice on the puddles. This has become such an unusual sight, it's creepy.  I should have worn one of my 'village idiot' hats, as I ended up rushing my workout, due to being so cold...

Films, etc. this week:
US was a good, intelligent horror; original, and quite creepy, although lacking in jump scares, etc. I liked it better than Jordan Peele's last chiller.GET OUT, although that was good too.
THE DEATH OF STALIN  was OK, but overrated, I thought. The cast was excellent, with Simon Russel Beale fab, as usual, as Beria. No great effort was made to have the actors look that similar to their  historical counterparts, but I found Steve Buscemi, much as I like him, outstandingly weird casting as Kruschev...
Caught up with ALIEN: COVENANT, which I'd only seen parts of. It's dull, IMO
DOCTOR WHO was reasonably entertaining...Nikola Tesla kidnapped by shape-shifting, fangy aliens.
DEADWATER FELL is good and grim. I rekon David Tennant is such a bad hat, he dunnit, but that's far too obvious, so who did?


OoohLa La...

Nasty chill wind; looks like more rain later, which is good , in a way, since some local oafs were letting their big , rowdy dogs pee all over the arm press seats. Yuck.
I was dreaming about Paris last night, as it used to be. I found it quite romantic, back in the day, but it's changed, like everywhere else...
Here's a belated Throwback Thursday photo, anyway; must be over 40 years old, on my first visit... I found the windows of posh patisseries almost  as aesthetically enriching as the Louvre...In the dream, it was  all leafy and clean, as it probably never was, with lots of splendid Art Nouveau houses, where elegant ,refined people lived. They were all quite friendly to me. Very pleasant.



Been watching the series of Stephen King's THE OUTSIDER, which so far isn't very interesting, and has no subtitles, so I can't hear it that well. Still, I sit there like a melon, watching it, and similar stuff, when there's so much that needs to be done.
Annoyingly, it was too wet to exercise this morning, so I didn't go to the park until about two, which always makes it feel even more of a wasted day. Well, at least I did go out...
I'm all in a fluster about this Windows 7 business. They sternly advise you to get a new PC, to upgrade  to 10 properly, otherwise you lose your protection, etc. Huh... I'd like a new PC. Mine's about ten years old, but I can't afford one, and I need a big screen, which is rare these days. Duh.
Thanks to my old pal who always generously sends me book tokens for Christmas & birthday, I'm gonna get THE BOOK OF WEIRDO, and volume one of MY FAVOURITE THIMG IS MONSTERS. Yeah!


The Duck Sang 'Ave Maria'...

...That's feckin' sacriledge, innit? ( And it's not 'opera', celebrity panelists!) I really must not allow myself to look at THE MASKED SINGER any more. My brain is deteriorating far too quickly as it is.
There were snowdrops and crocusses in the park, too early, I'm sure. It's still pretty windy, but I got a workout done, still very much favouring the broken wrist, though. I'll go easy on it, until I've seen the physio.
Just watched US, which I quite liked; original, well acted, and pretty spooky.