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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Ain't It Grand?
Annoying dealings with practise nurse I've been trying to ring back for a week about my bloody compression stockings that I hate so much.
Then I had a 19th nervous, trying to use the damn checkout in Sainsbury's. Such a faff. I usually avoid them, as they may put people out of work, anyway.
Caught up with YEARS AND YEARS, which is terrific, so far. Scary, too. It feels uncomfortably real. The 'trans' girl with the filters, etc, was freaking me out. I can see it coming to that  in not too long.
I watched LA LA LAND, managing to stay awake only by viewing it in about six chunks throughout the week. Can't  imagine why people found it so delightful. BORING.
Took a turn round Whole Foods to see if there was anything I fancied at a reasonable price. No, but there were some samples to be had. I tried a wee piece of quinoa bread, and it was unspeakably noxious. About £4.00 for a loaf, too. Gods, it was nasty.
It's turned all chilly and dank again, too. Supposed to be the same tomorrow, then warming up a bit. Weird, weird, weird.
My poor sister has a collapsed vertebra, it seems, and must have surgery. She's in Amerika, of course, so I pray their insurance covers most of it. The NHS may be shite, but  the horror of having to go tens of thousands of dollars into debt just for an everyday  procedure and a couple of days in hospital, is hanging over everyone, every day, in the good ol' USA. 

I Keep Thinking It's Friday...
Another beautiful day, anyway. If all the summer were like this, I wouldn't complain.
There was a dead magpie in the park. Hope somebody less squeamish than I removes it. I am so feeble about such stuff, I couldn't bear to pick it up.
Watched a rather nifty little horror I'd never got around to, RAWHEAD REX, from the Clive Barker story. It was quite passable low-budget stuff, except , alas, for 'Rawhead' himself, which was possibly the most ludicrously lame monster since-oh, THE GIANT CLAW, maybe...

Haven't watched the much praised YEARS AND YEARS yet, but CHERNOBYL  on the devil's Sky Atlantic, via NOW, really gives me the creeps. Bleak, man.

King's Landing Collapses...
The penultimate episode of GAME OF THRONES was  a real thriller, with knockout spectacle. On the other hand, this season has all felt very rushed and carelessly cobbled together, as many viewers have complained.  Lost two more of my  favourite characters, as Dany continues to wig out.
I wonder if George R R Martin will ever actually finish the books? After all, they've all been best sellers, and he was a popular writer before the ICE AND FIRE series, plus he must have made zillions for the TV rights, etc. He doesn't need to write any more, unless he really feels inspired.
I watched THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, which I found rather difficult to understand, especially with the two blonde women and the men all being very similar 'types'. Senility creeps on.
Continuing to fret glumly about Brexit, and the best way to vote tactically. Heaven help us.
I tried to eat a Quorn lasagne ('New improved recipie' !) which was on a reduced price. I managed about three forkfuls before I puked. It was VILE. I quite like Quorn hot dogs, though.


Jerkin' Geriatric...
A 'very worried-looking' young woman  accosted R Next Door in the park this morning, and said 'I think someone over there may be having a fit'...It was me, doing my stretches!  Now I'm all frit. Maybe I was having a fit, and didn't know it. That happens, I think. Bloody embarrassing, in any event. It was a beautiful morning, though. It's a pity it wasn't like this yesterday when they had that kiddy event down there.
CARDINAL is back in the Saturday night thriller spot, and seems OK so far.
I'm horrified by this poll showing  bloody Nigel Farage's new Brexit party storming ahead. What can be done? A coallition of Remain parties? It looks hopeless, just when glimmers of optimism had been creeping through.


Chaotic Kathy Acker Show: ICA

Haven't been to the ICA in a while, and it looks a bit of a mess. Definitely shouldn't have taken my trolley. There was a big kerfuffle about using the rickety lift, and I just bumped it down the stairs at the end, in desperation. The show consisted of a lot of videos, some half an hour or so long, and artworks inluenced by Kathy Acker and her work. I don't think I've ever read anything of hers, but  always found her interesting. The interviews and readings show she was, indeed, immensely charismatic. She really should have lived much longer.
There were only a few other people there, and I can't imagine how I could have coped, if there were the usual crowds. The walls were mostly covered with very long excerpts, which were hard enough to read without anyone standing in front of you, and there were just way too many films to sit through, with only one set of headphones, no seats, etc. You'd have to be immensely dedicated to sit/stand through all of them. It was just weird, all in all, but did give me the urge to find out more about her, and maybe even read her.
Whew, I've got senory overload.
Watched another episode of AMERICAN GODS, which is still  amazingly stunning, visually. It's odd that I feel no emotional connection at all.


Wet & Annoying...
Schlepped to Guy's on Denmark Hill; not far, but a tiresome two-bus journey, in the rain...For nothing, of course. My leg's as bad as ever, and the doctor just prescribed a different ointment. She did say I looked good for my age. Felt sorry for me, I guess.
I had a holiday from exercise, anyway, as it rained on and off all day.
Saw a couple of decent horrors recently SILENCE was not at all original, but well made, with good acting, and held my attention.
I hadn't expected to like GERALD'S GAME much. It's one of the few Stephen King books I haven't read, and, indeed, it wasn't 'proper' supernatural horror, but it was unusual, and really pretty creepy. Worth seeing.
Episode 4 of GAME OF THRONES' final season was really rather upsetting. Heartbreak for just about everyone, and (NOOOOO! ) Another dragon down.


Renaissance Nude...
Went to the RA to see this smallish show, which has been very well reviewed., yesterday.  I got in for 7 quid with my Art Pass, which is a reasonable prive. Some of the 'blockbuster' exhibits are about £20.00 these days... I arrived at about 11 AM, but it was still annoyingly busy. Not unbearably so, though. There were some  good painting I hadn't seen in RL before, and a lot of enravings, books of hours, etc, in the vitrines. Sadly, some of them too wee for me to really appreciate with my cataracts. I liked the polychome statue, attributed to Donatello, of St Jerome bashing himself with rocks, as was his wont. Crazee, man.  All in all, I was quite impressed. Check it out if you can. As I said, it's not one of those mega shows, which can be tiring. You can see, and have a decent gawk at everrything in an hour or so.

Later, i had to work out in the mizzle, annoyingly. I ran into little Ollie's human, who said 'You keep getting slimmer!'  Not that I've noticed, although I must have lost a few pounds through all the puking.
I don't remember if I started watching that Avengers film MILLENIUM WAR before, and I kept nodding off this time, but I wasn't that keen, anyway. Loki got killed again, right at the beginning, and I'm mot that crazy about any of the others, especially feckin' Iron Man.
I also suffered through that new Ted Bundy film EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE. (The title's the best thing about it.) It was ever so dull.

Uh-Oh... TMI Time...
Just ate half  a veggie wrap from Pret, and barfed immediately. Three fifty down the drain. It tasted nasty, too, but I was trying to consume something 'healthy'  and hold it down. Meh
Watched that MCQUEEN  documentary on Netflix and it was fascinating, but really gave me the horrors. Poor bugger, what a tragedy. He obviously could be a bit of a shit, though. Imagine hanging yourself on the eve of your mother's funeral. His poor father and siblings...
On the bright side. I'm quite thrilled to see that the lift is now FIXED! Every time I had to bump my trolley down the stairs, I'd send my BP soaring with my frenzied anger that after over a fortnight, the council didn't have the common decently even to tell the inconvenienced tentants what was going on. Fap.
I also met Stumpy the squirrel this morning, which always delights me. (S)he?  vanishes for weeks at a time, and I'm always afraid  she's been assassinated by a dog.  She seems to 'know' me, as she waves her paws in  a 'gimme a nut' gesture on my approach, and shivers what's left of her tail enthusiastically. Critters.

"Omigod, They've Killed ....."
Well, that was a pretty fine GOT battle. Only the usual problem that it was so dark you couldn't really see what was going on. I did, indeed, lose one of my favourites, but they went out heroically, of course. *Sniff*.
R Next Door was in one of her not speaking moods.
Went to Sainsbury's to use a ticket for triple Nectar points, and I lost it somewhere in the shop, before checking out. 'Kinell!
It's not so cold, now, and it looks like we're gonna get another little heat wave. BawYubba!...It's due for the  holiday weekend, though, when the people who uaccountably like that shit can enjoy it. Me, I'll be grumbling and groaning in a darkened room.

Feelin' FUBAR...
Feeling grievously ill at the moment. Went to bed at 10:30 last night, and didn't get up until nearly nine. I haven't even been able to go out for my weekend Guardian. I was a bit off yesterday, dizzy and bleary, but attributed it to stress of getting Moon to the vet, with the extra agita of the broken lift.  ( No major problems with the journey, though. Don't have blood test results yet. Fingers crossed.)
This morning, I'm coughing a lot, have blood in my nose from all the sneezing, and am full of aches. Bah.
The weather is extremely odd, of course, chilly gusts of wind  (and yes, that window is stuck open again-) with fierce showers. I've also noticed this strange atmosphere the last few days. Despite the wind, there's a sort of heavy stillness. Just me being crazy, no doubt.
Watched the SUSPIRIA remake, which is cryptic and creepy as the original, with very good spooky atmosphere.
I'm freezing, with three layers and a towelling robe on. Jesus... I really just want to go back to sleep, but then I'll be awake all night.