Heatwave On The Way...

Blah, last night wasn't too good for peaceful sleeping. Looks like it's almost time to drag the fans out.
Luckily, it was overcast again, this morning, with a slight breeze, so I got my 'flailing' done, while admiring the debut  antics of two crow fledglings. (Ahhh-)
When that sun burns through, though, it's bloody torment.
Pretty spectacular start to the damn whole month of bloody football...'Nessun Dorma' with full spurting fireworks fountains, a trapeze dancer, and giant balloons...Another of my reasons for hating summer is all the sport on TV every night. Still, can't begrudge it to the enthusiasts, who have been 'deprived' for over a year...I escaped by watching COMMUNION, which I saw when it first came out about 30 years ago, and wasn't overly impressed by. It's still not so hot. The aliens look really silly. Christopher Walken is always watchable, though, and throws in a few dance moves.
It feels like things are all too horribly 'back to normal'. The traffic is noxious, the filthy buses are getting really crowded, and today, there were three maskless morons far too close to me for comfort. Feck. I'd better stock up on toilet paper and pasta. At this rate, we'll be having another lockdown quite soon. I saw a scary item online saying that twelve double-vaxxed people have already died from the Indian/Delta variant. Don't know if it's true, though, it was a Fox News type thing. Still, if people carry on like this, who knows what will befall us next?


Here Comes Feckin' Summer...

Got out and did my routine early, before the heat set in. It was horribly muggy last night, and the rest of the week looks heat-wavy. Bah.
No Coffee Lovers, alas, but I went to a decent  Portuguese place nearby, that has shady outdoor tables. It just ain't the same, though.
Watched the cheap and downbeat DETOUR, which lacked the artistic pizazz of I WAKE UP SCREAMING, but featured a terrific turn by Ann Savage (never heard of her-) as the toxic Vera. She was NASTY. I also watched yet another Channel Five documentary about the Wests. Endlessly fascinating evil. The poor victims and their families...BUT you just gotta watch. Strange, although he looked like ( and pretty much was-) a gormless yokel, Fred did show those psychokiller ''crazy eyes' in some photos, but no image I've ever seen of Rose, arguably the more monstrously sadistic partner, hints at anything but a rather bovine, totally 'ordinary' type.
I think it's gonna be a sweaty night...

Not Quite Gaga Yet...

Ho hum, we've got yucky humidity today, but there's light cloud cover, so it isn't that unbearable.Watched a decent 1940's noir, I WAKE UP SCREAMING, on YouTube. Nice crisp print, so one could really groove on those shadows. The story was entertainingly crazy, with men in hats frequently strolling into each other's bedrooms in the dead of night, to be tough and threatening. Guess it's true that people didn't lock their doors in those days.
Saw two parakeets today, and heard their twittering. Guess we've go a nest. There were a lot of them one year, but it was rumoured the council wanted to cull them...
No sign of  any crow fledglings yet, although Mum and Dad  are busy going back and forth with food.
Went to the GP today to be tested for dementia, as I've been really worried about how forgetful and dithery I'm getting. I only got one incorrect, though, so that's eased my mind a little bit.
It's going to be a hot, humid week, dammit.

Drizzly Friday...

Ohh, I say, what a manky, dismal day. Mind you I prefer it to being roasted alive in the hot, bloody sun. I did absolutely fuck all, except watch the very well made psychological  'orror SAINT MAUD, on Amazon Prime. It's very good, and gave me the abdabs, actually.
This week, I also watched the end of THE PACT, which I quite liked, and the second part of BEFORE WE DIE, which is a bit dull and silly, with some rather ludicrous 'Croatian' criminals, etc. Probably won't bother with the rest.
ANNE BOLEYN was pretty lame, too. Apart from some interesting variations on Tudor costumes, and the black Boleyn siblings, there was nothing remotely   unusual or intriguing about it, and unlike THE TUDORS, it didn't even have the advantage of being a good laugh.
I see that HOLBY CITY will finally end next year. I often had it on in the background while otherwise occupied, but a few years ago, whe Paul McGann was playing a well meaning but quite mad doc experimenting on unwary patients, sometimes fatally, that I noticed just how mental it was, and it's been getting crazier ever since. People are frequently murdered or taken hostage on site, there are drug fiends on the staff, any number of tortured romances, at least one serial killer doc, nervous breakdowns galore, two weddings (the bride died  just before (or was it after?) one, and in the other, groom 1 called it off  at the altar, leaving groom 2 shattered...Groom 2, actually, the puppyish Dom, ended up with a colostomy bag after a car crash while chasing a madwoman. Now he's all embittered, as you would be, and is suing the hospital, not to mention getting rather callously ambitious. On and on. One dangerous place, Holby. I'll rather miss it.
Moon, thank the gods, seems OK. I have to drag her back to the vet in the morning for her follow-up, though. Fingers crossed.