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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Poor Old Placido...
The recent fuss about Placido Domingo allegedly being a 'sex pest' has rather saddened me.  I know it's terribly un-woke of me, and only illustrates my own lack of self-esteem, but  Purely from what I've read, it doesn't look as if he's done anything really wrong.
I've always imagined him as one of those outgoing, touchy-feely types who tend to embrace everyone. To an inhibited person like me, this kind of behaviour may be embarrassing or annoying, but you realise it's well-meant, and not neccessarily sexual, even.
The women complaining about his advances admit that once refused, he didn't press the issue. He doesn't seem to have hit on anyone underage, either.
He sounds like just a stereotypical hot-blooded Latin who has loads of extramarital dalliances with people who know the score, and nobody gets hurt. Personally, I'd have been delighted to get a squeeze from Mr Domingo. He's a Great Artist,fer fuck's sake, by many accounts a nice, kind person, and he's quite attractive. Even pushing 80, he's a fine figure of a man, and retains a bit of a twinkle.
So that's my opinion. Bite me!
Had rather a 'busy' day tooting around getting a few dull errands done, and walking a fair bit in the process. It was a nice day, but I'm afraid it's getting hot again. Oh well, people who want a hot Bank Holiday weekend  may be in luck, unlike me.

Drip, Drip...
Glub! Got caught in a sudden monsoon downpour at Clapham Juction, after a very pleasant breezy morning. Soaked to the skin...
Still thinking of Woodstock... One notable thing was that despite the cruel weather, the heaving hordes, and the fact that we were all damp, hungry, thirsty,  sleep-deprived and stoned to the gills, THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE, or indeed any interpersonal unpleasantness that I saw...That's just in the area I was in, of course, and allowing for unreliable memory. Still, can you imagine anything like that happening today?


The Wind Doth Blow...
Whoooo! Glad I was able to get my workout in. Looks like the weather is gonna get pretty rough soon. The wind is already whipping up a bit.
I finished my binge of DER PASS last night. I wasn't all that impressed at the beginning, but despite a certain lack of originality, it got pretty gripping as it continued., and I liked the characters, and pagan elements. I must also mention a genuinely creepy score, which  added a lot. The ending completely knocked me for six, too. I should have seen it coming, of course, but it really gave me a bit of a shock. I suggest watching, if you have NOW TV  or SKY ATLANTIC
I have a retinue of three crows who follow me every day, awaiting their share of monkey nuts. Fascinating little sods. They're so nasty, always squabbling, pecking at each other and other critters, greedy and loutish, but they seem to have a sense o humour, which I can never resist.

Sunny And Breezy...
I looked up NOS4A2, which I started watching last night, and the reviews complain that it's very bland compared to the book (by son of King Joe Hill. ) I may read it some time. As I said, I'm finding the series quite decent, if derivative and rather lacking in woowoo power.
It was pleasant to work out this morning. Strange how I hate it, but I'm addicted, now. Thank gods for that, anyway, or I'd be even more of a decrepit mess, probably in a wheelchair by now. As a bonus, I got to see two squirrels fucking, Chortle.
To my chagrin, I seem to have forgotten about the Kate Charlesworth exhibit, which closed yesterday. DAMN!
I'm still grousing and glooming about what a failure I am, and how I should have applied myself more.

I suppose most people my age suffer from this kind of funk to some degree or other. We
all fuck it up, in some areas, at least... I'm one of the poor  fools who have fucked up EVERYTHING. Grunt.
Also saw the second part of the Jade bioseries. That CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER  dustup was really strange. I suppose I'm Wrong. but , while she was , to a degree, bullying  the prissy Bollywood princess, Shipla Shetty, the racisim, if there, I think was very low grade indeed. Jade was practically burnt at the stake for mockingly calling the diva 'Shipla Poppadom'!  Plus, the other chav girls all said things at least as rude, but were spared the extreme villification. Poor old Jade. She was such a mess, but you had to sort of like her, and her fate was so cruel.

life is pain
Every time I started to work out, it would start coming down heavily again, so I ended up just pissing around, going to shops, just to be out, then slumping in the chair watching the first two episodes of NOS4A2 on AMC, which at least was fairly entertaining. Shit, what's left of my wasted life is rushing by, and I actually have no desire to do anything. I feel all chilled and  shivery, now, but when I put on warmer clothes it feels hot. Mumble.
Got rid of my disgusting Bowel Screening kit, anyway, It's cool that you only have to do the 'orrible deed once, with this new one. You had to go through
it for three days, with the old kit.
Oh, what a bad mood I'm in. Phooey.

After The Storm...
Weather wasn't quite so fierce as predicted, but yesterday morning was fairly intense. There weren't any trees down in the park, but one huge branch was blocking a footpath.
I gave in to the temptation to binge on FOSSE/VERDON which was a glitzy showbiz joy. What a flaming prick that man was, though. How did he charm those legions of young dancers (apart from being able to further their careers, of course?)
Speaking of pricks, the late Mr Epstein was obviously a seriously nasty piece of work (although not unattractive-looking in a craggy, silver fox way-). It does seem quite odd that he wasn't on suicide watch , in view of supposedly trying to hang himself less than a fortnight ago...I'm always up for a  good conspiracy theory, and he was certainly on friendly frolicking terms with many celebs and hotshots who may have been concerned about the possibility of his singing when interrogated.
BENEATH THE SURFACE 2 is quite a decent Satudaty  night subtitled thriller. It's not one of the really riveting ones, but sure as hell beats yet more of Inspector Montalbano's cornball cases.


Steaming On...
Phew, I continue to feel overwhelmed by jungle mugginess, even when it's rather cloudy and breezy. There was a man on the Boris Sweatbox Bus with one of those little handheld fans, though, so at least I'm not the only one.  Looks like there may be some strong wind and rain for the weekend, though.
I was absorbed by the Jade Goody three-part documentary, starting on channel 4 last night. Poor girl, starting out the most degraded of chavs, 'achieving' wealth and fame, just to die of cancer at 27. It's a cruel old world.
SACRED WONDERS on BBC1 is pretty fabulous to see. The Angkor Wat  stuff was incredible, as was the footage of blokes performing an excruciating ceremony in Malaga, carrying a stunning statue of the Virgin of Hope around the narrow streets on a gigantic golden throne. Crazy, but damned impressive.

Doodlediary/ Throwback Thursday:

Youth Of Today...
Watched the first episode of that EUPHORIA series. Golly Gosh, when I was 16, back in the olden times, I didn't know anyone who had had sex yet, and certainly  no one who had partaken of drugs, even pot. It seems pretty good, so far, anyway.
I still feel weighed down by humidity, even though there was a nice cool breeze at times, today.
Went to Clapham Junction shops, and had to pick up a load of dog food, etc. for R Next Door, who is  still all enfeebled. So am I...


EuroMillions Win...
After fervent prayers to St Expedite every week, to let me have a major win, I was granted £7.70  in the Friday draw. Well, better than nowt, eh?
I've had to use the fans a lot, although it's not as hot as it has been. It's to move the damn heavy, humid air a bit. Ugh. There were a lot of showers this morning, so I did some errands, and didn't work out until mid-afternoon, which I hate. Pleased that I made myself do it, though.
I'm all frit about going to the cataract clinic tomorrow, which , of course, is idiotic, as they're not going to actually do anything to me, probably for months, but the whole business gives me 'nerves'. Wibble.
I find Romesh Ranganathan pretty lame as a comedian and columnist, but I do tend to enjoy his MISADVENTURES, as he travels to unusual, intriguing places. This time it was Mongolia...Ulaanbaatar looked utterly horrific; ugly, overcrowded, and possibly the most polluted place on earth. Nightmarish. Out in the wilds it was beautiful, in a harsh way, with a Buddhist site said to be the energy cenre of the world, plus  visits with an eagle-hunter, a semi-pro shaman who works in a beauty parlour by day, and a super-huge statue of Genghis Khan. There are also giant, elegantly carved,
stone willies dotted about the Gobi, their purpose and creators unknown. All pretty cool.
The atmosphere of doom continues, what with the 'double-header' of gun massacres in the States, and that bizarre incident at Tate Modern, where a teenager threw a six-year-old, unknown to him, off the tenth floor viewing platform. The kid landed on a flat roof 'only' five storeys down, and, miraculously, it looks as though he'll probably survive. All so feckin' crazy...

Trash Telly...
Watched the start of new murder mystery DER PASS on Now TV. Very derivative, dead-body-on-the-border tale... I  do rather like the grumpy Austrian tec, who used to work in Vienna were Something Happened, and he transferred to the boonies. He obviously has PTSD, and necks meds disguised in sugar cubes, apparently never bathes, or changes his grubby clothes..
Slight woowoo potential, as there's a dodgy survivalist group with a creepy leader calling himself 'Cernunnos'. I rather doubt I'll stick the whole series, though, unless it perks up.
Over on EASTENDERS, the unkilllable Phil Mitchess lies insensible,  having been knocked into the pit at the garage again. (Last time, I think he had to have a metal plate put in his head-) He's been gunned down at least twice, survived any number of alarming vehicilar incidents, and come through being an alcoholic crack fiend, with the help of  a liver transplant...