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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Disintegrating Brain Blues...
Another huge struggle to get out of bed.  Not too many squirrels downstairs this morning, they must have been sleeping in, too.
Picked up the laundry, and had a very embarrassing moment where I forgot what you call 'cash machine', and stood there going 'Do you have...Uh...uh..uh...' while the women looked at me with alarm. I've always had such moments, but they're really increasing. I'm certain it's the start of dementia. My mother had it, and her mother. Not a pleasing prospect.
Still liking DUBLIN MURDERS, but finding it a bit baffling at times. (Another symptom of gagahood?)
CATHERINE THE GREAT was disappointing, except for the final episode, which I actually found rather touching.
Got a couple more Inktober quickies into the scanner, all lopsided, of course.

#Inktober / Doodlediary:


Old And Weary...
The clocks go back this weekend. Maybe that will help a bit. Just so damn tired!
Watched the first episode of WATCHMEN, a sequel, apparently, which seems to have little to do with the original. Meh, but may get better.
Got wet while trying to walk a lot,and got my exercising done, also ending up wet.
Quite shocked that friend H and her hubby had a terrible car accident,and are in hospital with horribly painful injuries, which will mess them up for weeks. Oh well, they could easily have been killed. What a bloody life, though.
Catching up on scanning crap Inktober quickies...

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'Super Saturday'...
Going to Hell
Ohhh, I'm so tired. I actually made it to the Queer Fayre, which was full of very tempting artycrafty stuff to buy, if you could, and everyone seemed quite nice. Ended up spending a few quid. Would have liked to spend much more...before I fled. The walking is actually tiring me, a bit, and my leg's still vaguely achy. Started doing a few leg presses in the park, though...
Continuing to be let down by BBC's THE NAME OF THE ROSE series. It  has so much going for it, but it's dragging.
I wasn't too excited by GIRI/HAJI either. I liked the Tokyo location stuff, the depressive  detective (Takehiro Hira) was wearily convincing, and I quite like Rodney the sassy rent boy. Again, it's all a bit draggy, though.
Looks like there's gonna be a delayed Brexit. Don't postpone it, just feckin' STOP it. Oh, I'm too tired to think about it. Nice to see the crowds out for  the second referendum rally, though.

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Mask Of Orpheus, etc...

Don't even ask...I think that may have been the most bizarre thing I've ever seen onstage, and I have no language to deal with it. I don't remember being so totally banjaxed by the original production, but all I can actually recall of that is a primitive image of O's head floating down the river.
It ran over the three and a half hours estimated, and all. It's not something I'd want to sit through again, although Birtwhistle's eerie music always affects me strongly. Quite a few people left early, applause was polite, but got louder for the cast, and I assume, Birtwhistle himself, who was in the building. I was on my way down the stairs as soon as the curtain fell. I'm not knocking it, though. Its sheer strangeness makes it worthwhile, and it stays with you.
Buses on divert again, but I'd left early, so it wasn't a big problem, except when the taxi nearly hit me.
I was very lucky to just catch an 87 home, but still didn't get in until nearly 10:30. I'm still so tired.
Walked to Clapham Junction after the park, and wearily started back, but then it rained and I resorted to the bus. Phooey.

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Gotta Go Out...
Yow! Just realised the MASK OF ORPHEUS  rehearsal is tonight, not next week, as I'd been thinking. Shit...Mustn't miss it, though I don't really want to go out again.
R Next Door has sort of adopted a friend's young Whippet, who was constantly bullied by their older, bigger, dawg. He's a sweet, gentle little fellow and fits in well with Peppi and Lily.
Received a super surprise prezzie from motodraconis; one of those cool Scandi cheese slicers, for which I am most grateful. Haven't had a chance to try it yet.Still a bit behind on #inktober stuff. Have the doodles, but have been too lazy to scan:



I'm Walkin'...

...Yes indeed. First  I exercised, then got a bus to 'the real Tate'  on Millbank. where I took in the William Blake show. (Bloody £20, unless you have an Art Card, and concession, which, luckily, I do.) It's a huge exhibit, and ,alas, quite crowded. With many of the pieces being wee, it was difficult to get a decent look, with everyone squeezing around. Oh yes, and there was , of course, a shrieking toddler in a pushchair... Still, it was good, and would have been great if you had the place to yourself. I walked home, then,  pausing for a  seasonal Pumpkin Spice confection at Starbucks. That's the only drink they do that I quite like. Anyway, I'm knackered now. Have been on my feet, if not exactly walking , for nearly four hours. I reckon that's enough for the day. The leg aches a bit, but that's 'normal'. When I finally got indoors, I had a massive sneezing fit and a nosebleed. Glad that didn't happen in the museum.
I've not read the Tana French novels, which are so well-regarded, but DUBLIN MURDERS started off intriguingly. I do like my mysteries with an element of woowoo....

(no subject)
Whoa, what a very bleak day... I did a bit of a workout, with no leg presses or anything, but walkied as much as I could manage between downpours. I really want to sleep a lot, though. (Nothing new-)  Got to remove the bandage and have my first shower since Saturday morning. It doesn't look as bad as expected; hardly any bruising. (Hope that's not a sign it hasn't worked-) Swelling has gone down a bit, too.
Didn't attempt to go anywhere much, due to the Opening of Parliament. Thought Liz was looking pretty decrepit, poor old soul. She must be pretty cheesed off...I've always thought it would be great fun to be Black Rod. They've finally got a woman one, so how about me? I believe they get £90,000 a year, and all...

New crime series ahoy tonight., DUBLIN MURDERS. Great weather for some nice morbid telly.

#Inktober/ Doodlediary:


Wet, Windy and Bloody Warm...
Damn crazy weather. I'm supposed to walk as much as possible, so went out this morning when it was chilly and wet. Then, in 20 minutes, it was so hot I had to shed my coat. No wonder I've got this bloody cold (like everyone else.) Bum.
As for my 'radiofrequency ablation', the leg is really swollen, and I had some pain in the night and early today. (Second day is supposed to be the worst, though, and if that was as bad as it gets, I'm grateful. Didn't need painkillers.) I can do my usual 'flailing' tomorrow, and I'm supposed to carry on walking as much as I can.
I can even take the bandage off tomorrow, and just carry on using the compression stocking. A far cry, I'm told,  from the old-fashioned 'stripping' procedure.  Fingers continued crossed for a good result.
I'm chuffed to see that SPIRAL ( 7  ) is back, to provide the ideal Introvert's Saturday Night, with the lovely Judge Roban still around to ogle,too. Awwww, and I do hope Laure and Gilou can work things out..

Inktober Catchup Quickies:

Give Me Money...
Bah, I've been praying away to St Expidete, but some other UK ticket won the insanely huge rollover prize (£171 million or something-) in the Tuesday Euromillions draw. ..Maybe they were praying to him first.  I reckon I could have done untold good deeds with that, in addition to  living  out my days pleasantly. Bum.  Oh well, maybe he'll fix it for me to win a million or two next time...
The CT scan was fairly scary, and of course, they couldn't find my veins, which is always thrilling. I had to be shot up with the 'contrast' dye, like in THE EXORCIST, and was warned of feeling hot, having a strange taste in my mouth, and feeling an urge to pee. None of that happened, I'm glad to say, but the whole business seemed to take hours. I was astonished to find I'd gone in and out in about 20 minutes. Whew... Also, the 'washing machine' wasn't as confined as I was expecting, your feet kind of stick out. Still quite creepy, though.
I'm still watching season 7 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CULT  I fear the shark has been jumped, though.
I'm very fortunate that I haven't needed to cross the river. It looks like the 87 buses are only going to Vauxhall for the forseeable future. (Protests should carry on for another week.) I do admire what they're doing, but I feel sorry for those who are stuck when they're trying to get somewhere urgently.
It's mild, really, but I've been feeling so chilled I'm tempted to put the heat on! Absurd...

Throwback Thursday...
I remember obsessing about the Disney PETER PAN, so I must have been about six. As I've said, my hoarder mother saved everything we produced, but I was generally considered to be gifted, by peers, teachers, etc. Heaven knows why, on the basis of this stuff. Hey ho...