Bad People...

Watched the last hour of THE IRISHMAN, and quite liked it. The epic length didn't really bother me.
I do like a good gangster tale. I was just thinking the other say, about how much in the news they were, when I was a little kid in NY, Most days, on the front page of the DAILY NEWS, there'd be a grainy photo of a corpse under a bloody sheet, the latest whacked Wop; or a shot of Jimmy Hoffa snarling. Of course, I found it all morbidly fascinating. After school. I used to be sitting on the carpet drawing, or faffing with my toys, while my mother watched the hearings, and this gun moll, Virginia Hill would appear in big hats and furs, looking cool. I used to put on my mother's lippy, use a coke bottle for a microphone, and  act out her testimony!
I used to love the old B&W films about 'hoods', too. especially Jimmy 'Top o' the world!' Cagney.



...Such a lovely crisp day, and I can't really do anything. I crept like snail to the launderette, with another load. (I had a big sack, but really couldn't manage; now I've divided it into three, which will, of course, cost more. but I can't just leave it all stinking, until R Next Door finds the time to drive there.) I feel exhausted, now, and my wrist is probably gonna come out like a corkscrew.
It's impossible, though. I can't just sit in this shithole like some zombie carcass for six weeks,on my tod.
That ARENA documentary on Seamus Heaney on BBC2 the other night was really very good; rather moving. I suggest looking it out on iPlayer.
The finale of WAR OF THE WORLDS was a bit soppy, but on the whole, it wasn't bad at all.
I think I have an interspieces crush on Iorek in HIS DARK MATERIALS.
Went to the park to do some leg presses and feed the critters. R was there with the dawgs, and went on about how exhausted she is. She's got a sore throat, and another poor gosling died. Four left.


Black Friday...

Agh,  R Next Door hasn't yet  taken the laundry  in the car, so I decided to have a go, myself. It was an extremely slow walk, pushing the Sholley with one hand, and, of course, my left wrist is a bit feeble, now.  Did it, anyway. There's still another bag to be dealt with, and the return treks of course, Meh.
Think I'll check out THE IRISHMAN on Netflix over the weekend. At three hours, I'll probably need two or three 'goes', due to nodding off.
Watched the second ep of VIENNA BLOOD, which was better than the first,and moderately interesting. I still think 90 minutes is a bit long for what it is, though. The main problem, for me is 'Max', the dull and weedy hero.
There's been 'an incident' at London Bridge, with casualties, but I don't think anyone's dead, thank gods, and the terrorist (?) has been captured.
Nights are really chilly, now. Just two more sleeps until I'm 'allowed' to switch the heat on.
Actually had some bright weather this morning, but it's clouded over.
Six of R's Egyptian goslings are still alive, but I don't know how they'll survive, unless they're captured, and coddled on low heat in the cooker, or something. They're just not supposed to be born here at this time of year. Very sad, and she goes mental when they die.



You Better Believe It...

You could shamble on to a London bus with your head tucked underneath your arm,and 90% of your fellow rough riders would cut you no slack.
Why are we humans such  self-centred uncaring creatures? (Self included, of course...)
The WATCHMEN series wasn't finished, after all. Watched ep 6, which was interesting. but  I Missed Jeremy Irons' crazed caperings as Ozymandias.
The tooth under the crown  that fell out, was really rotten, so it has to come out, next week.  Fabulous. Thank heaven it's right at the back.
Watched HITCHCOCK, which was a fictionalised  tale of the making of PSYCHO, notable mainly for how very weird Anthony Hopkins looked in prosthetic face and fatsuit.


dot cotton

Misery Me, Lackadaydee...

Had to wait over two hours to see the Fractue Clinic doc, after another X-ray... Seems the break has slipped a bit, which will leave me deformed and creaky, If I were young, he said he'd recommend surgery, but it will probably be OK-ish. Well, I HAD surgery on the left side, and ended up deformed and creaky there, as I wouldn't go back for yet another op.  I just couldn't to another six weeks in a cast with no support at home. As long as I can doodle, write, tidy up, feed myself, and do my lil' workout, I'll cope, sort of. He did say that I look quite well for 72 (?) and that I 'looked like' an artist (dirty and dishevelled?)...Trying to be nice, I guess. Anyway, fuck it all, I'm spent.
Big celeb death trip today...Jonathan Miller, Howard Cruse, Clive James, and a TV chef who was only 59. *Sigh**
R Next Door actually did change the light bulb for me, so that helps a bit.
Had a melancholy encounter with one of my beggars outside ASDA. His sweet dog, who looks much younger, is 16, and can no longer walk, keeps falling into his own shit, etc. so he'll have to get him put down in a few days. He's obviously really hurting, poor devil. What can you do? I can't bear it, sometimes...
Still following GOLD DIGGER. The creepy toyboy is so obviously a wrong 'un, that I guess it has to have a twist that proves he's really OK


Shivering And Shitting...

Here I sit, hoping  my colon is 'prepared' by now. I couldn't even manage the 'light breakfast', I was so sick with fear. I feel incredibly cold, although it's actually about ten degrees.  The light bulb in the ceiling has just blown out. Exactly what I need, with no one to change it. R Next Door is unsteady on the kick-step too.
It's insane to be this fretful. It does seem I'm suddenly disintegrating all over, though. So damn weak...
Latest couch potato experiences:
Watched a fairly bizarre 50's film, OH...ROSALINDA!,  an updated DIE FLEDERMAUS in a postwar Vienna occupied by Allied forces. Very Powell & Pressberger, with those surreal backgrounds and lurid colours. Interesting.
Let down by THE  SINNER, the new Saturday mystery. I was sure it had been announced as a new series, but I've definitely seen it. Bah.
NAME OF THE ROSE  creeps on. It's improved a bit, but I think four episodes would have worked better than eight.

Much later:  I survived, thank gods, but what a dreadful experience. Will spare any readers the extreme TMI, but at one point, I could hear a man yelling in another room. Then another victim, a woman, started going 'Stop!' 'Stop!' 'Stop!' all the time. I think they might have given up, in the end. A few times, I didn't think I could take any more, either, but then I would have had to go back  for another try; too horrendous to contemplate.
I'm still experiencing the gross after-effects, but I'm so relieved...It was bliss to swill coffee, and enjoy the latest ep of WAR OF THE WORLDS, with Moon purring on my shoulder.

Dementia Rules...

After all the  lengthy stress at the Fracture Clinic, I was feeling quite morbid...musing on how  all this medical agony all of a sudden might well be The Beginning Of The End, and what a limited, wasted life I've led; my crapness is the arts, my poverty and degraded working life, the army of  crazyass, and often phycologically sadistic boyfriends, my total isolation now, that my body is really falling apart  Baw Yubba!  Wild Selfpityparty!
Yesterday, I felt a bit more sane, and managed, with great awkwardness and discomfort, to get the trolley just over the road, to the overpriced Co-Op, for a few essential bits, then walked through the park to greet  the squirrels and crows. I  did some leg presses, too, as they don't involve arms. I was knackered by it all, but it  gave me a glimmer of hope that a shared room in a Home may be a few years off yet...
The Labour manifesto  sounds pretty good, wibbly BREXIT stance aside. It may be unaffordable, but, as has been pointed out, we just can't afford NOT to do all this stuff.
More time gawking at the Fool's Lantern than usual, (anf that's far too much-) I was just starting to get into the odd new WATCHMEN when the series finished. Watched a film, THE LITTLE STRANGER, after another bestseller I haven't read. It wasn't scary, but intriguing, and well mounted.
WAR OF THE WORLDS has never done much for me, in any version. I find it, and the Tripod attack machines rather dull. This new BBC one is rather entertaining, though.

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Four Hours In The Fracture Clinic...

 Waited an hour to be seen by doctor. Then got a fresh cast, then another X-Ray. then saw a nurse, then the doctor again, then blood tests. I got an inexperienced drainer who couldn't deal with my small veins, and with the help of a senior, ended up getting the blood from my hand. I've got bruises a-plenty. At last I was free, but spent about ten minutes failing to get into my coat. Finally stopped a man, and begged for a hand. Mortified, and it still kept sliding of all the way home.  I felt very frail and doomed and weepy.
When I finally got back, I shared a cuddle with Moon, while gobbling up a couple of episodes of BRITANNIA, which perked me up no end.
Oh yes, I'm really afraid I've lost my phone!
...Another weird thing. Everyone in fractureland seemed to remember me from two years ago. Is that even possible? They must see at least 100 old farts with broken wrists every week. I guess I'm really THAT odd-looking. ''Once seen, never forgotten'

Walking Wounded Again...

This busted right wrist is going to be a bummer; t's so difficult to do anything. Losing the use of the left was bad enough...I'm more off-balance than usual, can't type properly, write or draw properly, or zip my jeans up. Bum. Thank the gods it's not worse, anyway...
Got back from the hospital and went into telly collapse mode. I watched the first chapter of THE CROWN 3...a bit boring after Randy Andy's spectacular interview. There were very good documentaries on the history of the NY Met, and Ursula Le Guin, last night. The opera one was particularly engrossing, , especially all the stuff showing the old theatre. It was a crime to tear it down. It should have been kept for posterity, even though it was totally outmoded. I remember they were selling bits on a stall in the street when it was demolished. I wanted to at least get a brick, or something, but I'd no money at all.
Rudolf Bing was on the scene dock at Brooklyn College for some reason, while I was working there, and made a nice remark about a shield I was painting  He was known to be a terror, but I found him very pleasant.
Saw part of a Channel 5 stinker, THE GOOD GIRL'S GUIDE TO KINKY SEX. Jeez Louise... It advised couples to do stripteases for each other, try nipple clamps, edible knickers, etc. ( Druther 'die in a ditch') There was also a tutorial on rimming.
Can't exercise properly for weeks, now. I'm gonna get  extra-feeble.


"The Golden Years Stink"...

Hi ho, been having a bit of a week, with all the medical stuff. In addition to the oesophagus lesions, the wonky lymph nodes and the  8mm nodule on my left lung, they've noticed a polyp in my bowel, which needs to be removed. This means the second endocopy will be done at the same time as a colonoscopy. After the last ordeal, I'd really prefer to be knocked out, but since I have nobody to escort my drugged - up person home and 'look after' me until I come round properly. I'll have to just endure it with the local, which wasn't much help the last time. Fucking hell... What a dismal palaver. Of course, with the state of the NHS I shouldn't complain. i'm lucky to be getting all these horrible appointments, which might serve to lengthen my wretched life, if they don't kill me.
Thank the gods there's plenty of good trash on telly to divert me. BRITANNIA, THE TERROR 2, HIS DARK MATERIALS, SPIRAL, GOLD DIGGER, and the curious GIRI/HAJI  are all very diverting. The upcoming WAR OF THE WORLDS and VIENNA BLOOD also look promising.
I'm really enjoying  the bargain copy of James Kochalka's AMERICAN ELF I snaffled for £2.00 the other day. Super stuff; so simple, yet so absorbing.