Fretful Old Lady Observations...

Oh, so creaky... I got the call from the vascular clinic by lunchtime, and made sure the guy knew  I was worried about getting sepsis, losing my leg, dying, etc. so that he said he'd arrange for me to have 'special compression' (sounds grim) actually in person, at the hospital, probably within a few weeks. I felt a bit naughty, but doing the drama queen dance is the only way to get any attention paid at all, now.
This sounds like 'fake news', but I heard some boffin on R4 saying this morning that 18,000-20,000 People die in the UK every year because they can't afford to head their homes properly! That should rise considerably, with the soaring  prices this year. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
I made my shopping run to LIDL, noting glumly that less than half the people on the bus were masked. There's no 'personal space' observation at all, now, so you have to share a seat with some nudefaced mugwump, or be breathed on by the one standing next to you.
The shop was even worse, hardly any masks in sight.. I  wonder if I'll ever feel safe to get anything from the fresh baked counter again? There are always plenty of people rummaging and snifflling over the baguettes, etc, though. Aren't they scared?
It seems that Covid cases here are rising above all the countries on the Continent, and we've got about 100-150 people dying every day... Nobody seems at all concerned. I bloody am.


PUmpkin Spice, Etc...

Dang warm again...As a reward for forcing myself to exercise (I even crawled out of my pit by 7:30), I grabbed a pumpkin spice latte at the Nine Elms Starbucks. It's the only thing they do that I actually like. Costs bloody 4.15, though! I had to go to Sainsbury's for monkey nuts. They've been hard to come by, recently. I've also had trouble finding the big recycling bags for card and tins, etc. Otherwise, I've seen little sign of shortages so far...except for the meat freezers, which seem pretty well empty of turkeys and geese, so I suppose carnivores seeking  family Christmas roasts, and who have a freezer at home, have been buying early.
Saw GUNDA ,a glum study of farmyard life, starring a sow. I wasn't all that upset when her litter was kidnapped for ''processing', as I'd expected that. I was quite freaked out when she casually despatched a runt, though.
That one-legged chicken had real talent!
On FLOG IT! the other day, there was a rather cool collage by Richard Halliwell, partner and killer of Joe Orton, which sold for over  £3,000. I think it would give me the heebie jeebies to have it in my gaff, though.



Steamy Saturday...

Bloody hell, it feels so damn warm. I can't handle it. I haven't even exercised yet. I'm just too tired. I don't see how I'm ever going to finish this clearing up and cleaning, either. Heaven help me.
BBC4's new thriller, set in Paris, 1900, looks like it might be pretty interesting.
Quite enjoying coverage of the heavyweight fight. I find 'Gypsy King' Tyson Fury quite entertaining, and like his dress sense. I've always had a bit of a guilty pleasure thing for boxing. Yes, it is barbaric, and there have been many deaths and serious injuries over the years...I probably would have been keen on gladitorial battles, if I'd lived in the olden days. I'm no good. (They didn't really fight to the death, though - Well, hardly ever!)

I hope I can manage to get up early in the morning. All this lying in late makes it even more certain that I'll waste the day doing nowt.
In last night's dream, I was youngish and hanging out with Elton John in his dressing room. He was in full spangled catsuit fig; ostrich feathered headpiece, etc. He seemed very excited about my being about to gain fame and fortune. How, he didn't say...


I'm Tired, Boss...

Yet again, I couldn't get up until after 8:30, and even exercising doesn't perk me up at all. Scary. Life just seems so bleak. I'd much rather sleep. My dreams are often unpleasant, but at least they're fairly interesting.
I further depressed myself by watching that programme about people living with dementia over two years. I guess I shouldn't  have, but one needs to prepare...
In the park, I talked to an old trout who's recently moved into the new building, expecting to be envious.  It seems the tenants so far are pissed off, because the lift hasn't worked in two weeks, the tiles on the coveted balconies are all popping up, the underfloor heating doesn't work, and every-thing's generally shoddy. Gotta love Lambeth Council... They've had to take a considerable rent hike to move in there, too. Sounds like I'm no worse off in this dump...although I would like a proper balcony, wonky tiles and all, where there was actually space to sit out.
They've written a big letter about all the problems, but I think they should go to the South London Press, and do some naming and shaming, for all the good it will do.


Crows And Stuff...

Really quite chilly this morning, after all the wind and rain yesterday. As I stumbled reluctantly into the park, there was a watchful crow waiting on the lawn. The other three glided down immediately, and stood in a row, ready for breakfast... Now and then, if you fling a nut, one will jump up and catch it. Love those evil lil' critters.
One of the squirrels ran up my leg. Yow, those needle-sharp claws! Hope I don't get rabies.
Put the fans away, and changed the cat littler. Whoopee! Luckily, I've been able to get the windows shut. Of course, they don't fit properly, so wind and grit stil come in . Dang!
I know I'm crazy, but  I'm missing lockdown more and more. I actually felt safer; cleaner air almost no traffic, less crime, etc. People were acting crazy, though. The media went on about how everyone was taking care of each other, etc. Certainly not that I was aware of, and I saw a lot of scuffles and verbal abuse, which now seems to be getting worse all the time, now that we're all crowded up together, again. The price rises, benefit cuts, and  petrol scarcity certainly aren't helping.
Another Netflix series done. CHESTNUT MAN wasn't great art, but it was a decent, creepy murder mystery, and certainly kept me guessing. It was short, too, which was wise, a lot of these stories drag on for too many episodes.
I've started WHEN THE DUST SETTLES as well, which seems very good, so far. THere's just too much good stuff on TV, at the moment.
THE GOOD EARTH is playing on the radio. I remember getting it out of the library, on my 'adult priveliges' card, when I was about 12, and thinking it was pretty spicy stuff! Chortle.