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London Live is showing a 30's odditiy, Boris Karloff  ( Why was he never kighted?) in THE GHOUL. It was considered lost for many years, but looks fantastic in this restored version. It's rubbish, of course, with too much 'comedy' for my taste, but the  spooky atmosphere is good, and it features Ernest Theisinger, Ralph Richardson, and Kathleen Harrison.
Semi-binge on BRITANNIA continues. Again. it's gorgeous visually, and has a fine cast. I'm especially enjoying Zoe Wanamaker as a stroppy tribal queen.   ( "I shit upon the souls of your dead!" ) There's plenty of violence, and a fair dose of wit, but I don't think it's one of the greats-yet.
GOGGLEBOX just doesn't seem the same without Leon and June *Sigh*

I've had since bloody September to see the big Opera show at the V&A, but with one thing and another, and my notion that it ran through next week, I've feckin' missed it! Did anyone else catch it? Comments?

I only managed about 20 minutes in the park yesterday, as the wind and cold were really too much. This morning was a bit better, less blustery.
Afterwards. I walked down to the launderette and back, creeping along pitifully, as even leaning on my trolley, my legs are stiff, painful and weak.

'Wound Woman'...
Hey mila manukenkun , this one's for you. We should  get some more contributors, and do an exhibit.   :-D

indy thought
In addition to adding another wee item to my 'We're Doomed' list of horrors to mope about.Trump's latest Caligulaesque spoutings put me in mind of
schooldays. There was a particular nun in grammar school, Sister Leonie, who was at least 90, with the gleaming, dead eyes of Satan. She would have been in her glory, packin' heat. Quite a few of the Sisters were violently inclined, though, not to mention the Christian Brothers, who ran the Senior Boy's School. They were world famous for their brutal sadism , and the parents were quite keen to entrust their lads to them for 'character building'...

Oh rapture!  Completely by accident , I  somehow got the NOW TV box going Hey, hey, hey, two episodes of BRITANNIA  down, and yes, it is quite good foolish, freakiy mayhem, with a good lashing of woowoo. I need such stuff.


Ohhh. boy, all these weird symptoms just roll right on.What interests me, in addition to my own addiction to whining, is how very many other people seem to be suffering similar weird, eternal owie stuff. It's not exactly a lurgy sort of thing, it's just an everything hurts and doesn't fuction thing, with really crap sleep, etc.  Guh.
I nearly skipped exercise again, not venturing out until afternoon. Then I got rained on. Managed to do most of my 'flailings', though. Can't say I  fell any better for it, now... The confusion about my prescription continues, which I'm sure  isn't helping. It's just bizarre. Too boring to go into detail...
Fell asleep watching the new MARCELLA series, but It seemed OK-ish. X-FILES was shite, though. Golly, was it ever  any good?
R Next door, who is being a total pain in the arse  of late, had a hideous dental  adventure the other day, involving the dentist slipping, and drilling her under the tongue! Yowza! Gotta feel sorry for her.


It Was Safe...
Well today, anyway.  I know I'm  a weakling, but it  does amaze me, just how excruciating  it is to have one's teeth 'scraped'. Thank the gods, though, there didn't seem to be any new problems...The dentist commented 'You still have a LITTLE bit of gingivitis, there, but not bad', as I spewed out a gallon of ONegative into the basin.  With luck, then, I needn't go back for three months.

It drizzled enough for me to skip working out.
I'm still feeling so crook...trying to avoid painkillers as much as I can, though. Every time I eat anything, especially 'healthy' substantial food, I really want to vom, so you'd think I'd lose weight, but...
Checked out TROY: THE FALL OF A CITY, which was watchable enough, but so far, so bland. Helen's grim poker face reminds me greatly of Melania Trump's. Is that intentional? It's sure to liven up, anyway.

SNAFU'd Again, As Per Usual...
This is genuinely a bit frightening. After going to the surgery to try and sort out my antidepressant prescription, after three weeks of being faffed about. I went to the chemist AGAIN today, only to discover, when I got home, that I'd been given an extra megavitamin-for people-who have had stomach bypasses, instead of the psych stuff. (They have similar names...) How many other people is this happening to? Is it coz I is old, and not worth proper care? etc. etc.  Grunt.
In the meantime, I'm continuing with terrible pain and stiffness. It was never this bad, even when I was much fatter. My joints are just frelled to the max. I'm shivering alla time, too, itching, falling asleep at all hours, then waking up in pools o' drool...
 I am still working out, though, which I hope is keeping it all from getting much worse.
A middleaged woman passed by with her dawg.  and said 'Well done! I wish I could get MY mother to take up that sort of thing.'  (I always envision myself as about 45, and remarks like that, or the dreaded sudden reflection in a shop window, etc just freak me out.
Erica Smith posted the other day, about what rubbish the current R4 Book of the Week, OWL SENSE is, I'd been thinking it might be good, but no, and the woman reading it has got to have one of the most irritating voices in the entire WORD! Makes you want to throw shoes at the radio...

Luddite Lament...
So, I gave in and got a repair man to sort out the TV -well, sort of . The NOW box still doesn't work, and I can't get Netflix, either. I'm ashamed to say what this cost me, apart from the fact I certainly couldn't afford it. I need an Angel to come and touch  my PC, TV apps, etc. I truly cannot cope, even with the notes I took.
Thank the gods, though, that I was able to see the BABYLON 5s, I'd recorded and am about to watch tonight's ep, shortly.
Still. needless to say very achy, shaky and itchy,Soooo very sleepy, too.

Got Da Hump...
destroy planets
Infuriated  again by R Next Door's abusrd demands , when she cares fuck all about anyone else,  except animals, and only then. when she's in the right mood.I'm in loads of pain, and TV deprivation anguish, and just cannot be arsed to do all sorts of online chores for her. I told her that she was going to have to get some sort of  PC like everyone else, and she wailed that she HATES computers and the people who infilct them on us should all be KILLED. Besides, 'only 20% of the population has one, anyway.' so why should she bother...
Rang several TV repair places, got nowhere.
I got the prescription at last, but probably  won't be able to claim it for a couple of days. Then, after all the other backing and forthing, I had to do, I forced myself into  half an hour, at least of 'activity' in the park.
Now I feel sick Got coughed on a lot, at the surgery, damn it.
Need Tv soo badly! It's not as though I even concentrate on watching it much. but  I need to have it on.
I'm drinking a lot of tumeric  matcha tea, which I rather like, to see if it helps the arthur-itis owies,

THE ZULU WARRIOR by Josef Marais, recorded in 1946 South African Folk Song
THE ZULU WARRIOR by Josef Marais, recorded in 1946 South African Folk Song

Josef Marais sings South African traditional folk ballads and original songs. This is one of fifteen tunes from an early album set of 78 rpm records on the D...

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 12 Feb 2018, 13:23

Despite horrible no-TV situation, I managed to watch the final ep of MCMAFIA on the PC. Better than…
Despite horrible no-TV situation, I managed to watch the final ep of MCMAFIA on the PC. Better than…

Posted by Lee Kennedy on 12 Feb 2018, 09:14


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