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Crazycrone's Corner

Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Book Binge...
Got  CASSANDRA DARKE  and THE TERROR  today, thanks to my hoard of gift book tokens.
It was pleasantly bright and breezy, but Jeez, so mild. If it keeps up like this, I could make it into December without switching on the central heating.
I guess that's one posoitive thing about this eternal too-warm weather.
Finished the HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE series. Shirley Jackson must be spinning like a top. It's totally chronic, especially the clunking dialogue.

Don't know why, but i'm feeling crabbier than usual today, and, unsurprisingly, have done none of the chores I planned to do.
I dreamed about being in the palatial bank building shown in FANTASTIC BEASTS... When I was really little, in Brooklyn, my mother used to go to a very similar bank; incredibly lush, with marble all over the place, and strange green lights at the tellers' 'cages'. I used to love going there, and imagined that royalty or some really big cheese actually lived there.
Still looking out for the squirrel that had its tail shortened by a dog bite. Happily, it seems frisky as ever.

Got my workout done before it got dank and blowy, then went to Coffee Lovers, and decided to have a hibernation day. Got a little bit of sorting done in the flat, and watched MY FRIEND DAHMER, which was good, but, as usual, not as good as the (graphic) book. That poor sod never had a chance, really. I wonder what became of his little brother?
I thought I'd have a look at something less morbid than usual, and am halway through FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, which is fairly entertaining. No subtitles, though, and I can't understand much of the dialogue. That hearing aid from the hospital doesn't help much. Eh bien...

Wasted Wednesday...
Postponed workout until it dried out, but it never did; showers all day. Sooo, I went to the shopping centre in Wandsworth, and blew a lot of money on household stuff, a new diary, cheap presents, etc.
I tried using an adhesive to hold the bloodydenture in. It works, to a point, but it's just so depressing. Ugh.
Watched another episode of HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. It' still feeble, although the bods on GOGGLEBOX seemed honestly frit, watching it.
I wish I could quell this craving I have for popcorn.


Torpid Tuesday...
Didn't do a full workout, 'cos it was wet. Planned to do some more when it dried out, but ended up just sloping around, and gaping at BLACK PANTHER.
It was very entertaining, but, as usual, not as brilliant as it was made out to be. The CGI environments and the costumes were ultra lush, though. I wonder if  they accept decrepit old white ladies with no skills as migrants to Wakanda? I want to be one of T'Challah's baldy bodyguard wimmin.
Sweetly surly Cameron won the last-ever (?) BIG BROTHER, the youngest victor ever. I approve. It was the most interesting series in a long time, actually, no silicone boobs,or drunken brawling (well not much-) and mostly 'normal' characters, some actually likeable. Everyone was crying.


Murky Monday...
The lil' squirrel with the chevron-shaped dawg bite taken out of its tail seems to be perky as ever, fingers crossed.
The rather nice Roastery cafe on Wandsworth Road near the Chase, has shut down suddenly. Wonder why? I didn't go in there that often, but whenever I passed, they seemed to be reasonably busy. Damn.
I also asked one of the builders near the site where the creepy old newsagent used to be, what they were working on 'Flats' he said. Of course, more housing is badly needed, but you can bet these won't be 'affordable'. They'll probably be very ugly, too. Everything interesting-looking seems to being demolished.
 It's too mild for my taste. Bah.
I took my hospital prescription down to the GP's surgery, then bought some bits, including a stock-up on cat food, at Sainsbury's, to use my 'triple Nectar points' ticket. Didn't do much else.
That's two episodes of LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL, now, and I've nodded off during both. Must be me, I guess. Everyone seems to think it's great.

Sunday In Souf London...
Well, at least the flat is tidier than usual, but I'm so far from the clear-out I need.
The chomped-on squirrel seems to have escaped serious harm. There's a chunk out of its tail, but just the tip, and it's frisking around begging for food, as per usual. Thank you, St Francis.
The HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE series really isn't much good, but as usual, I feel compelled to carry on and half-watch every episode in the season.
Nice to see BECK back on BBC4 Saturday night, It is a bit cosy-Scandi, but I like the characters. That two-parter about the RL botched robbery and hostage drama in Germany was very good, quite suspenseful. I don't remember that case at all, actually, although it must have been big news at the time.
Decent DOCTOR WHO; liked the critter.


Bad Dog...
R Next Door was in the park this morning, when an Akita went for a squirrel, and snapped off a bit of its tail. Very scary, and I've never heard her shriek SO
hideously. She turned on the owner, saying she should be arrested, and if the squirrel had died, there's a £500 fine, etc. The woman, who is in some sort of  mobility scooter, was terrified, and chugged off. I was just standing with my jaw swinging, through it all. I tend to freeze when alarmed.
She went on to say that the woman deserved to be disabled and she hoped she'd die soon. I said she'd draw bad luck on herself by talking like that, but she thinks that God understands and approves. Och... She also reckons that the squirrel is now doomed to die, because they can't survive the winter without a full tail to wrap themselves in. I don't believe that's true, but no use disagreeing with her.
Watched the first episode of HOUSE OF CARDS, series 6, and it was OK, but whatever  odious stuff Kevin Spacey has done, he's a riveting actor, and the show is poorer without him. Robin Wright is excellent, though, and I liked the touch of woowoo that's been introduced.


Dreary, but Industrious...
Too wet for outdoor workout, so I never went out at all. I did tidy up, in a superficial way, and did my two most hated tasks, the changing of the cat litter, and the bed linen.
I then watched the first two episodes of the new HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE  series. Just rather stupid so far. Zombie Shirley Jackson should come and chastise them all. Still, it could well improve.
I keep encountering people swearing and making threatening gestures at each other in shops, on the street, etc.  I mean, it always happens, of course, but it seems to be escalating, like most other unpleasantries.
Here's a couple more inane Inktober doodles. I think that's the lot, now.

#Inktober 20018


It's Hallowe'en...
Two more Darwin Award contenders  in the tourist couple who fell to their death taking cliffedge selfies in Yellowstone Park. RIP, but how insanely dumb. There has been a shocking number of  these selfie-related  tragedies.
Discovered that the station showing THE TERROR is now available on BTVision, so I can binge on that, now.
Still feel like I'm getting a cold, but fighting it.
Although I didn't do any decent drawings, I believe I've actually produced something for every day of Inktober, so go, me.