Streaming And Doodling...

Sooo tired, as per usual. Way back in early 2020, I had a strange 'symptom' for a couple of days, when I had almost no sense of taste or smell. Of course, I freaked out, thinking Covid death was at hand... Then I was OK. Wonder now if I've actualylly had the virus, and am now suffering some sort of 'Long Covid'?
I always have this problem of excessive fatigue, but recently it seems much worse. Could be the depression, though. Gods know that's even worse than usual. Dunno...
Just been half-listening to a gruesome item on R4  about the horrible culling of mink in Denmark, at the beginning of the pandemic. Yetch.
Watched THE EGYPTIAN, which I think I may have seen as a child. It was actually not bad, for one of those ancient-days spectacles; more literate than most. One of the main characters was (very!) loosely based on a favourite historical figure of mine, Akhenaten. It looked great, and there was a decent cast. I checked it out, and it seems it was a box office failure, which is odd.
Also watched BOILED ANGELS about the Florida trial, conviction, and extreme persecution of Mike Diana for obscenity. I've never particularly liked his work, finding a lot of it pretty sickening and tedious, but I can't imagine it actually doing any harm. Diana was really put through the mill, with very fierce punishments. Boy, stay outa Florida!
Checked out Rachael House's cartoonist Zoom chat group again. Of course, I have nothing to say, but it is interesting to hear the 'grownup' pros (all much younger than I-)  talking about their cool projects. Actually makes me want to do stuff. Here are the doodles I produced during the session:

i am bored

Holiday Monday...

Slept in until nearly bloody nine this morning: would have been later, if I hadn't had a phone call from one of the Covid Study people that she was coming 'in about ten minutes' to give me the latest test and quiz. Mother Mary! Well, that's done, anyway.
ROMEO AND JULIET is not one of my favourite Shakespeares, but I rather liked the lockdown NFT production on Sky Arts. Cleverly staged,with Jessie Buckley an unusually appealing Juliet, and Tamsin Grieg as Lady Capulet speaking the lines usually assigned to Lord C. Very good thesping all around, although it's hard not to look at Josh O'connor at the moment, without seeing THE CROWN'S Prince Charles.
It wasn't as cold as predicted, and pretty sunny. I stayed in, nearly all day, just reading, etc. Watched a lengthy film I almost definitely saw years ago, FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. I knew it was boring, but I just sat there like a melon and watched it! Tragic... Christoper Plummer (Crazy Commodus-) was evidently a really heavy drinker for many years, yet he lived to his 90's, and stayed handsome all the way. Must have had amazing genes.


Read today that Ben Kingsley's blood-chilling performance in SEXY BEAST  was based on his gran. I've always considered it his best work, and found it disturbingly like my own mother. I guess that's a level of toxicity that you can't just invent. Ditto 'Livia Soprano'. I'm sure the inspiration for her was someone's  real experience.
Still struggling to stand on one foot for more that a wobbly second or two. Christ, that's pitiful.
Somebody in the UK won the 120 million Euromillions prize on Friday. It wasn't me, and I've been praying to St Expidite every damn day for ages.
I TOLD him I'd use most of it to do good deeds... He should take a leaf from St Anthony's book. (He seldom disappoints.)
I got several itchy bites in the park this morning. Hope I'm not bringing in fleas or something.
Still more crowds hassling with cops in several 'Kill the Bill' demos. Once again, I'm on the protestor's side, but I honestly don't think it's clever to be marching around in thousands, all up close and often maskless. Just give it a month or so. Most younger people haven't even had their first shot of vax yet.
Oh well, a happy Easter/Oestra/Passover/ whatever Spring festival you celebrate, to all. May it bring the promised hope and happiness.


Humidity Arrives...

Too warm, and rather sultry today, but it was overcast, at least. Cooler weather is promised for the weekend. The park downstairs looks like the aftermath of Woodstock, and the holiday weekend hasn't even started. What makes people so disgusting, anyway? There's little excuse, as there are plenty of bins down there. Yuck.
OMG, HAUSEN is really creeping me out. That building is NASTY.
I read that AMERICAN GODS has been cancelled  on a cliffhanger, with Shadow Moon hanging on Yggdrasil, Wednesday dead, at present, and all manner of unresolved stuff. It never really got as good as it could have been, but it's rather a shame after three seasons, to let it just fizzle before the denoument.
The hideous new block in front of the tower is nearly finished, now. The new tenants will be able to see right into my bedroom. (I don't have curtains, just venetian blinds which are usual halfway up.) I'll have to get some 'stained glass' to put on the bottom, or something. Shite.