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I had an ex-boyf who was Baha'i, and they also do a food/water fast. Not coincidentally, I'm certain, he developed kidney stones.

I'm sure it can't be healthy...for a month, too!
Baha'is are an interesting mystery to me. There was quite a well-known singer at the theatre who was one, and he always seemed a really good sort of person, but I know zilch about them. Must get around to reading a bit.

Argh, logged out again! That was me.

A girl at work was telling me of some of her relies (originally from India, but the exact religion was never specified) giving up all food for (at least!) 2 weeks. It might have been longer than that but I was too gobsmacked to take it in. "They have to be reintroduced to food after the fast really carefully and slowly." NO SHIT!

I do think the 2 day fasting* I try and do does work for my cholesterol, but I still drink fluids all day, and eat 500 super-nutritious calories on my "fast" day, so you're hungry but not starving. No food at all for a week or more sounds dangerous to the body.

* 2 days per week, and definitely NOT with the 2 days next to each other.

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I do the 2 days together, because it seems like dieting once a week instead of twice, but I don't think that long is a problem - rather the opposite, I'm hoping.

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