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Julian Schnabel, Etc,
Finally managed to locate the Dairy Gallery. It's quite tucked away, although it's just steps from the Brunswick Centre, and I shared a flat around there for a while. (Oh, how I wish I could again-) Anyway, it's a small show of huge canvasses; not terribly exciting; I find him a bit more interesting as a filmmaker than a painter,  but the venue itself is striking. There's a LOT of space. It was the Express Dairy Depot for a long time, and had been empty for a while
The short-lived overpriced and rubbishy Chinese across the road is becoming a Lebanese Grill. Mmm...falafel!
Ever since the Financial Catastrophe thing, I've been giving in to my urge to eat junk all the time. It's mad. I've probably stretched my pouch, but it's not just from the stress, I've been feeling seriously hungry most of the time for months.Because I was a bit less frelled before that, I could fight off the compulsion, but not in the last few weeks. Anyway, I googled , and it seems that quite a few sleeve gastrectomy peeps suffer from unexpected ravenous hunger. It's possibly caused by producing excess acid, and they say Gaviscon after eating helps...I don't know if it's a placebo thing, but that seems to be working, a bit. Hope so. I don't expect, or even particularly want to become slim, but I do want to jettison another few stone if I possibly can. I CERTAINLY don't want to risk anything like  My Supersize Hell ever again.
Dreamt that I had somehow transmogrified into MAD MEN's ultra voluptuous 'Joan'. I suppose I should have been thrilled, but it felt totally Wrong, and I was desperate to be me again.

It's almost too hot for me, today, but have to admit it was gorgeous. The bloody traffic continues impossible, though.
The lift's still kaput, too.

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Gah, what a seriously sucky side effect. No wonder you want to eat all the time - who wouldn't? I've had the over-acid thing in the past and it made me feel that eating had zero effect on satiety - ugh. I know some people with sleeves take drugs like Losec or Zantac to hit the acid problem harder, so that could be an option if you feel the Gaviscon isn't doing enough. Not that Losec is a particularly lovely drug, but it's better than constant ravenous hunger.

It's weird. They don't tell you about this at the hospital, and when I mentioned it at my last follow-up, the nurse looked at me like I was making it up, or something. I had believed I would not get really hungry any more, and indeed for the first year or so I only had the odd day of being ravenous. Lately, even when I'm stuffed I still feel hungry. Shit.

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