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More Trivial Annoyance...
Still without landline, PC and ability to record on the TV.
After being snubbed for 90 minutes or so, while R discussed dog stuff with other walkers, I headed for the 'nice internet cafe' Since my last PC breakdown, they've cut out renting time, and just do repairs now. The guy sent me down the road, where the PCs were downstairs, and I couldn't fit my trolley in, so here I am back at the other place on the other side of Lavender Hill. Still waiting for for some action from BT. Fap!
I just ordered a mocha, and got a very weak hot chocolate, but the girl is nice, and does her best...
\\watched Roman Polanski's MACBETH, which somehow I'd never seen. Not bad, good witches, and a convincingly gruesome decapitation at the end. Jon Finch was a handsome fellow; never quite made the top stardom strata, but was a reasonable actor, too.

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(Jetlagged, should be sleeping. Oh well.) Years since I've seen it, but I seem to recall lurid fun. A naked Lady M, IIRC. Sometimes I think Polanski has more in common with Ken Russell than he'd like to admit.

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