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Wrinkle, Droop and Sag...
No doubt about it, I am transmogrifying  into a Shar Pei. *Sigh* I knew it would happen, but I don't like it. I just hope I really am healthier for it. I think I am, though.
It's all going ahead for Amazy's radioactive iodine treatment; it could be just a few weeks, now. Don't wanna think about it.
Got my copy of Terry Wiley's VERITY FAIR #5, which I enjoyed, but now I have to wait until November or so for the next one. WHAT is going on?!

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Are you finding walking less ouchy?

Yes, I have a bit more stamina, although my knees are frelled. My back hurts considerable less, and I can fit into most chairs, etc. without undue squishing. I still have a lot to lose, of course, and I'm hoping things will continue to improve.
All in all, it's been worth it.

That's a pretty good result! And with plenty of improvement left to go.

BTW, I don't know whether you're on Facebook - I'm not, so I'd fallen out of touch with Debra (badasstronaut) since she stopped posting here. So it was a complete shock to find out she'd passed away today of cancer. How horrifying - she was far too young. What an awful loss.

Yes, Milla has been keeping us informed on FB. It's so upsetting.
I wasn't a close friend, but I liked and admired Debra, and she was always really nice to me.
I had no idea how serious the situation was, until just recently. She had surgery a month or so ago, which I assumed was 'reconstructive', as she prepared to go back to normal life. In the last few weeks everything seemed to go downhill, though. It's just wrong. :(

I've been thinking about her all day.

We initially knew each other via an email list I've been on for eighteen years (which is also how I found about about her passing), but I met her a few times in NZ, unfortunately just as she was preparing to move to the UK permanently. It would have been nice to have seen more of her in person. I haven't been back to the UK since I left in 1999, but I always assumed I would go back and visit her in Bristol. When she came to my place for dinner she had recently broken up with a guy and thought she might be more attracted to women, and I'm very glad things worked out so well and she was so happy with her partner. I really liked her, and I wish I had had the opportunity to have known her better. I just can't believe she's no longer here. Her sister must be utterly devastated. Thanks for the details of what happened - I don't often wish I was on Facebook, but this is one of those days.

It's not all bad! If someone grabs you on a bus with intent to cause mischief, you can turn in your skin and punch em.

Hopefully though, there will be some "catch up" with your skin. It might not be perfect, but it won't remain as extreme as it might be immediately after such super-swift weight loss. Your joints must be less painful though? Even if the low food intake is probably making you feel overall woozy until things even out.

Yeah, I'm doing my best to exercise plenty and slap on cream all the time, so there may be a little improvement eventually, although at my age, I can't count on it.
My back is definitely less painful, although my knees are still useless, and I probably need surgery. Bah.
It certainly does feel a lot easier to get around, in many ways,though, and I've no major regrets so far. (Touch wood!)

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