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Feeling sad...I actually tried ringing R Next Door's doctor. Of course, he's away until next week, and the receptionist implied that he's unlikely to do anything, or say much to me, as I'm not a relative. (R's daughter and family seemingly don't want to know. (I've tried contacting the daughter, who lives abroad, and didn't respond...)
Still clearing out junk, and I'm very, very tired, falling asleep all the time, and unable to deal with stuff I really need to be doing. (I can identify with R in the procrastination department...)
Snivelled all through the TV broadcast of EUGENE ONEGIN last night. Very good performance. I was also reminded of much-missed dead pal who used to love playing Prince Gremin. You don't have to do anything but stroll on at the end and knock 'em dead with a famous aria...I think he would have enjoyed doing the character's lil' coda, in this version, that has the doting elderly husband stumbling onto the doomed couple's final meeting, and realising that while Tatyana virtuously opts to stay with him, she will always love the rather creepy object of her youthful passion.  *Snurk*

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Poor dog - but them's the breaks. The dog I looked after last year ate a toxic plastic children's toy and went blind, so they had to put it down. I'm, sorta angry at that still, but not sure at who.

You have a knack for capturing dogs character.

Thanks. It's difficult, as there are so many slightly podgy, middleaged black Labrador types around here, but they're all great individuals. Poor old Dibley, though. I still feel quite upset.

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