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PC Aggro, Pain, Grumpiness...
Something weird is going on with my PC, it's doing all sorts of odd stuff, but nothing specific. Wish I had a nice IT nerd slave.
I am in a world of pain with the Arthur-itis again, after it being much better recently, my back, anyway. I think it's probably to do with the weather. I'm achin' all over, shoulder, neck, knees, thumbs...Meh.
This week's films have been LOOPER, which was too complicated for my feeble old brain, but fairly entertaining, and ROOM 237, a weird 'documentary' presenting some extremely far-out theories about the possible hidden meanings of Kubrick's THE SHINING. I'm not sure if it was all a joke, but again, it kept me amused.
I can't upload doodles at the moment, due to the mysterious malfunctions, and my phone is still frelled.Bugger.


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Yay for new finished kitchen!

Thanks, I'm quite pleased with it.

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