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life is pain
IMGDoesn't look like I'll get out to exercise today. The floor men finally did arrive, with the right stuff, and put it down fairly competently, as far as I can tell. However, I have to carry on waiting for the 'finisher', who, if he doesn't come today, will come 'first thing' tomorrow. *Sigh*
I've been watching BROADCHURCH, which is actually quite good. I don't usually care much for the murder/horror stuff on ITV and 4, but this is chewier than most, with interesting characters played by top actors, and good 'local colour'.

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My dad was recommending Broadstairs. I need to give it a look, clearly.

I meant to comment on the appropriate post but am too lazy to go and find it: the second series of "American Horror Story" is much tighter than the first and worth checking out even if the first didn't work for you. It's not particularly horrific (well, there's nothing that's handled in a way likely to keep one awake), but I found the characters and situation completely engrossing, whereas the first series was a bit of a slog in parts.

oh, I'll give it another chance, then.

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