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"Excellent Progress"
Dragged myself onto rush hour buses in the biting cold to have my post-op follow-up check. Te nurse said i was looking terrific, blah blah, and the surgeon  from the team shook my hand several times, and seemed to  think I was doing very well. I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't lost more since leaving hospital, but all things considered, I have lost at least 5 stone in the past year, so go me!  Even if I look much the same, I feel a lot better in the pain/ mobility  department, and that's what it's all about.
Watched THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. As helenraven warned, it was pretty atrocious. The large cast of high-ranking thesps were completely wasted, on one of the dumbest scripts ever.Presumably, they were very well paid for their cameos. I certainly hope so. Bane was moderately amusing but the whole thing was generally  so tedious and clunky...just lame... Local grim-looking eatery Rooster's Spot was featured on the surprisingly interesting TV documentary THE FRIED CHICKEN SHOP. It's one of those places I've never fancied venturing into, but the wide variety of carnivorous customers all seemed very enthusiastic about the food (Of course, many of them were bladdered/stoned out in the wee hours...) The proprietor and his staff all seemed quite pleasant and caring, so good luck to 'em.


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Gah, I hated Dark Knight Rises too. I was amazed when I read the reviews of it - they were so gushy. Didn't they notice how stupid it was? Give me Tim Burton's Batman any day.

I had downloaded the Fried Chicken Shop doco but haven't watched it yet - I will view it with increased interest now I know it's your local.

ell, about a mile away, maybe, on Clapham High Street, near a sleazy club.

I finally caught up with this tonight - what a great doco. It actually looked pretty clean and nice inside, I thought, and the chicken looked undeniably yummy. Nice staff too. It really made me homesick for London (not that I lived in Clapham, I lived in the Sarfeast in Surrey Quays, but it was a similar population.) I did wince, though, at the woman telling the blind guy that God would cure him, because my visually impaired business partner gets that sometimes and it makes her want to smash them in the face. Which she mostly does not do, conctenting herself instead with asking them who they think made her blind in the first place.

Yes, I thought the blind guy was amazingly cool about it. Of course, she was all old and crazy, so you have to cut her some slack, but I think I would have breathed fire in her general direction anyway.

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