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Crap Chinese New Year...
The weather is pretty grotty, which will make hanging around Trafalgar Square a bit grim... I'm so old I can remember when the parade crept around the narrow streets of Soho. Went one year, with the Inappropriate Boyfriend of the time, who I recall, was a Snake , and a very poor match for guileless Pig moi...Anyway, there was a huge crowd, and lots of surging and shoving as various Lions, Dragons and acrobats progressed down Gerrard Street. It was quite scary/dangerous, but also much more atmospheric than the more spectacular and safety-conscious festivities of today.Laurence-Olivier-Richard-001    As I've not scanned any doodles yet, here's an entertaining picture of Oliver hamming it up as the late last Plantagenet. (He wishes the bastards dead-)

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If the real Richard III wore eyeliner, then I'm totally a fan!

I was on Lantau Island in Hong Kong a few years ago and saw a dragon getting off a bus. That was more entertaining than the entire parade.

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