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R Next Door is going to be peeved. I really think she sort of believed it was all going to kick off today, solar flares, aliens, etc. No such luck.
Another dozy day of Trying Not to Think About the Op and accomplishing nowt.
Certainly not feeling very Christmassy, but then I seldom have, since I was a kid.
Spoke to H briefly. She sounded rough, with this 'orrible cold that's circulating. She's got to feed FOURTEEN on Boxing Day, poor cow. Having no family has its positive side!


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I need to make a will as well, but just haven't got around to it. There's no one I can think to leave stuff to.

Good God, she's at it again! "If you survive" me arse - as you know, the odds are overwhelmingly in your favour and a lot better than if you were having say a heart op. Best of luck with it all, and I'll look forward to hearing about you walking and stuff more comfortably in the future.

Bless you, encouragement is very welcome! ;)

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