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Zippity DooDah!...
Another vile-looking day. I'm awaiting R and dawgs, to go out and suffer in the 'gym' before the next downpour. Yetch. I love bad weather, when I'm indoors and don't have to go out.
Still no joy getting the toilet fixed. They don't even do you the courtesy of ringing back. I feel they're rendering me subhuman *Sniff*
It's the 'service check' guy's fault the thing isn't working in the first place! *Grizzle*
Oh goody I haveta go to St Thomas' on Friday for my legs, so I get to be exposed to some sort of SARS virus, maybe. Grunt...
Here's an extra doodle from the weekend, included for Amazy fans:


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Hope you get the bog fixed soon - I still feel envy, one day I'll get myself one of those Japanese all squirting jobbies! I really liked 'em in Japan.

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