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More Total Lunacy...
After a long day hassling with BT, waiting for the toilet man to return and fix the problem he caused yesterday (of which more later...) , I was feeling desperate enough when R Next Door appeared at my door. Her key had snapped off, and she spent the next five hours in my flat having panic attacks, etc. Her two big, smelly, drooly dogs parked themselves cosily on my bed, and poor Amazy had to be shut away. Words truly fail me...
Re: toilet. When it refused to flush properly, I reported it to the council, slowly and clearly stressing that it was a Clos O Mat special gimp toilet, and there was no point in sending the usual contractors. (There's usually no point in sending their usual contractors for anything-) The woman, who was actually a native English speaker, seemed to savvy, but...after many hours (no exercisin'...) the usual contractor showed up...He said he'd report back to them, and that's it, so far...
Well, thank the gods the emergency locksmith finally appeared and let R in. I really thought I was going to have to put her and her beasts up for the night. I collapsed into the dog-befouled bed before eleven, I think...
I wonder if all this was in any way connected with the mystery meteor shower or whatever it was, last night? It was a very frackin' weird and vile day.
My arthritis is shocking, this morning, and I feel completely drained. The  machines in this cafe continue to be slow beyond belief, and they're nearly as bad in the other local place. Bum!

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Hope you get lots of stuff fixed soon.

Thanks, my brain, especially!

Do you think maybe the reason the key snapped was that R was holding it way too hard?

Nothing would surprise me at this point, especially where R Next Door is concerned!

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