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Whoa! Blowy!
Had to stay in waiting for a delivery of art supplies samples. (Chortle-), and was sorely tempted to miss another day on the torture equipment. I did miss the workout with the coach, but finally was free to go out by three,so I kicked my fat, achy arse down there, reluctantly.  It's not raining any more, but it's blowing up a gale; feels properly autumnal. Glad that's done, anyway. Good me.
Got my copy of THE GIRLY COMIC BOOK NUMBER 1, and was most impressed. A lot of people don't care much for anthologies, but I've always liked them, especially nice fat ones with lots of variety, like this. I'm proud to be included in it.
I keep thinking how I'd like to learn to use my PC art equipment and tablet. I just can't get it together. I'm so ashamed of my sloppy artwork, and would love to be able to use fonts and stuff. I need private lessons, as I've never got anywhere going to classes. hey don't do stuff like that. Also, I'm really slow and stupid. I don't even know what to do with a memory stick. If anyone knows of a poor student type (central/souht London-) who's proficient  at such things and would be willing to come round, say every couple of weeks, and get me going, for a reasonable fee, this old luddite  lady would be very grateful.


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Yay, glad the book got to you okay (though it's Book 2) :-)

Ohhyah! Of course,and it was actually sitting right in front of me, here! Anyway, congratulations, it's just fab.

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