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Unfortunately for me and other martyrs to allergies/asthma, etc. yesterday marked a change in the weather. Humidity rising, wheezing, sneezing, itching and such rocketing. Bah. There was also some kind of technical problem at the rehearsal, which meant slouching sweatily in the great throng in the dress circle foyer, for centuries until we were admitted, then waiting some more. They were running 45 minutes late, in the end. Mumble. I was lucky, though, in not having a full-blown gagging-cough festival or sneezing attack during the show. I had rather been expecting to see some rock stars in the audience, but no luck. I dreamt the other night of spotting Brian May in the auditorium, but if he made it, I missed him. Meh.
DOCTOR DEE itself is a knockout. I was much beguiled by the sometimes Glass-like music; very hypnotic and dreamy. The spectacle is top notch, too. I'd actually like to study some of the sketches, plans and photos from the design phase. It's spectacular yet not overdone; beautiful.
The cast (including some proper 'opera' singers-) was fine, with cameos by two splendid crows, who shamefully, were not credited, although they and their handler did appear at the end to acknowledge an ovation. All in all, jolly super.


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Thank you so much for taking me to Dr. Dee. It really was terrific. I've just been telling some friends at work about the crows, and they were suitably impressed.

I've booked a ticket for Billy Budd for next Tuesday. Right at the back of the balcony, but I've sat there before and it's fine.

I like the very back of the balcony. Best sound in the house, but take your binoculars! Hope you share my entushiasm.
Glad you enjoyed DOCTOR DEE, too. I expected to rather like it, but not as much as I did.

Just checked out the promo vid of Dr Dee on your recommendation - it looks superb! I've booked myself the last ticket available strapped to the ceiling for next Wednesday.

How do you get access to rehearsal views? I want in if I can!

Good one! I don't think you'll regret it.
For rehearsal tickets, you have to join the FRIENDS of ENO. They send you info in advance about new shows and stuff, and you can book what you fancy. You can alo get reductions on later shows, etc. It's an investment, but well worthwhile if there are several shows in a season that you want to attend, and if, like me, you'd rather go during the day or early evening than schlep around the West End at night.

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