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Continued Weirdness...
Groan...I just don't know what's going on, what day it is... or anything. R Next Door is going to be totally on the mental path until after the ATOS torment in two weeks. Don't blame her, but I'm so frelled myself, It's a bit much...
Couldn't get a rainless window to do my exercises, and now I feel 'guilty'. I just schlepped to the Northcote Road pet shop to pick up litter and on-sale food. That is all.  Oh yes, saw another interesting film, TAKE SHELTER, about a man being tormented by nightmares of some sort of  impending climate disaster. Is he cracking up?- or really getting 'warnings', etc. Nothing terribly original, but excellently acted and presented. It was kind of spooky, too, as the weirdness of the environment felt very similar to the current' reality' in these parts. Ooga booga!
Sorry about these  giant doodles. I can't seem to resize them at present. Duh...



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