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I had so much dirty laundry that I need to take a second load to the launderette. I was going today, but didn't. Basically, I just sat around looking at shit online, telling myself I'd see something that would inspire me to work...
MISFITS has perked up a bit after the rubbish first episode, but I still don't like it much. It seems to be over-emphasising the comedy, now, with little or no spooky stuff. Fap. I also rather miss Nathan. This new boy just sickens me.

Been doodling wardrobe memories again...

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(Deleted comment)
Heh. I was determined not to learn to do domestic stuff,as a child, which has made me totally inept at everyday functions like mending and cooking.Duh.

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I'm enjoying your wardrobe, sartorially.

I dig the salwar kameez vibe, there must be shops selling them, hidden somewhere in London, though a big emporium would be best.

These weren't really like salwar kameez tops, which tend to be rather form-fitting.They were *huge*,really big and billowy even on me, with long sleeves that ended in an elasticated wrist.
I doubt if I could wear them today, as the silver threads would bother my ever-more-sensitive skin.
There used to be a sleazy little market just near Leicester Square tube where I bought them. I've never seen them anywhere else.

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