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A Bit More Rome, Etc...

I'd really like to spend more time in the Basilica and the Vatican Museums. There's just sooo much to see.
I was surpised at Rome's being fairly clean-looking, I'd imagined it very grubby, for some reason. Actually, London seems to be one of the dirtiest places around, at present.
Doodlediary scritches I forgot to post:

R Next Door reckons the source of my mega malaise when I got home was eating improperly stored gelato on the last day of the trip, and a bit of salad the day before, 'Don't drink the water.'  R, of course, thinks it's best, especially for us chubsters, not to eat anything at all.
'The lady with the beret' was probably in her 80's, recovering from an op, and a bit gaga, possibly due to just having her medication changed. She tended to get lost, and along with me, seemed to be the most feeble of all the old crocks, who everyone 'kept an eye on'. I liked her, as she was very into the arts, and quite articulate. It wasn't a bad group. actually, apart from a couple who were  patronising.
Since getting back, I've watched a long interview with GG Allin, poor sod. (No subtitles, so I didn't understand much-) He really was a wreck, but I do find some of his songs bleakly amusing.
Saw the recent LONE RANGER on TV. It was fairly lame, but watchable.I don't think it quite deserved the worst-movie-in-the-world slating it got.) VICTOR FRANKENSTEIn was also crap, but not entirely unamusing.
Last episode of RILLINGTON PLACE tonight. All the main actors have been topnotch, and the designer and production staff also deserve major recognition. Tim Roth and That House have been scaring the bejeezus out of me.

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