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Horrible accident on Lavender Hill this morning. A poor cyclist was squished by a lorry. Traffic was divereted and everything until lunchtime, at least.
I felt I had to exercise, as the rain and drizzle had died out, and ran into R Next Door in the park. Evidently Honey the killer dog had attacked another woman with a small kid yesterday, dragging her helpless old owner along behind her. It doesn't seem anything's going to get done until someone gets badly hurt.
I've been kind of annoyed with the Picture House recently, they're only showing 3D spectacles at night, and there have been rubbish films on all summer. Tomorrow I may check out DOCTOR STRANGE,though. I've been looking forward to it.
The cast is really good, led by young Mr Cumberbatch, who seems a good choice.

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The thought of the accident on Lavender Hill is not only sad but scary - when I lived in Brixton, I went cycling there I don't know how many times. For one thing, there was a fine comics shop there.

I think I'll give Strange a miss. I don't suppose you'll agree, but I am NOT prepared to see a female Ancient One, Tilda Swinton or not.

I have no strong feelings about the Ancient One changing sex, but Ms Swinton was excellent as per usual.

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