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Blow, Winds...
Whoo, latest storm is bringing some ultra-blustery weather to London, although, as usual, it's a lot less wild than most other places. I was nearly knocked over in the park a couple of times.
Had a disturbing dream about being trapped in the persona of 'Carrie Bradshaw' out of SEX AND THE CITY. I was forced to mince and simper around various scenes of my NYC youth, in one of her absurd little outfits. One RL place I visited was a strange cafe called Phebe's Whamburger, which was around the corner from where I lived in the East 60's. It was one of those places that had a model railway track running around the counter that would deliver one's burger, or whatever. It all sounds quite funny, but I felt desperate.


It's Alive!
Out in the horrid wind and drizzle this morning, doing my hated constitutional and feeling so glad! I'm very grateful to the powers that be (and the antibiotics and steroids-) that I can actually get through my lame lil' routine again, without cracking my ribs hacking and having to give up,
Watched DOCTOR TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, which I must have seen at some point, but didn't remember, unsurprisingly, as it was no masterpiece.


Mmm...Red Hots!
Wandered into that American Candy place on Charing Cross road, as I'd been thinking about Mike & Ikes. They actually had them (newfangled grape flavour-) for £4.00 a box, but I picked up a tiny box (25 cents=£1.00...everything there is at least 400% marked up!) of my childhood passion, RED HOTS, and am pleased to report they taste as burningly ecstatic as ever. I also got a £2,00 Clark Bar, Still good, too, but such crazy prices...
Foyles really does suck. They don't even seem to have adult graphic novels any more. I liked it much better before they modernised, although I seldom bought anything. When I first came to London, I filled out a job application there, and seeing how horribly the staff were being treated, I was relieved when I didn't hear from them. The complete insanity of the place fascinated me, though, the weird ritual of going to several different places to complete a simple transaction, etc. Everything's so blanded out, now.
Managed to work out in the park this morning, feeling almost normal. What a relief. I seriously thought I was going into a terminal decline, there. Not quite yet, thanks to antbiotics. Thank you gods.
'I-shat-during-sex' boy Scotty T just won CELEBRITY BIG BTOTHER, with 'neediest girl in the world' Stephanie as runner-up. Daniella Westbrook woz robbed. Thank gods that's over. (And I'll no doubt be watching the next one,)

Another Fail...

I forgot all about Hourly Comic Day until it was half over. Bum.
I am very near giving up on the denture. I feel like a horse being broken to the bit, and am probably chewing even more improperly because it's so uncomfortable.
Tottered out to Trafalgar Square, ..Scarily, I've barely been outdoors in a month, apart from feeble forays to the shops. To my distress, I'm STILL coughing , when walking around in the cold, and my chest aches a bit.
Anyway, I took in the  Photographic Portrait Exhibit, which actually had a few interesting pieces.
I carried on to look at the nice little free exhibit, Visions of Paradise, at the NG.Quite informative, with an interesting short film, too...
I do love the weird feet of Carlo Crivelli. He really was a master in that department! They always give me pleasure.


Perking Up?
i am bored
Still so  very tired, but definitely more 'myself'. Might try going to a gallery or something, tomorrow, I've missed a couple of exhibits I really wanted to see, due to the lurgification. Might try gentle workout, too...
Finally watched the last series of MAD MEN. Very good, of course, but it's never really grabbed me the way some others do. Lots of wonderful old ads and things that I remember from those days, though. The endings were all a little tidy and happy-ish, except for the wretched Betty.
There was a lot of media hooha about a VERY brief flopping dick seen on a swimming soldier in WAR AND PEACE, whereas a truly barf-inducing anecdote about how he followed through during a drunken shag in Lanzerote. or somewhere, proudly related by that blond boy on CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, seemed to pass unnoticed (Probably because most people aren't watching that drek...)


(no subject)
Random thought further to seeing LABYRINTH:  I hadn't known that hyperrealist sculptor Ron Mueck started out as a puppet maker and operator, and played 'Ludo'.
The denture isn't getting any less odious so far. It hurts, actually. All this gunk collects under it, too. Oh, the loathesomeness...
On the plus side, while I'm still coughing, it's considerably less violent, I didn't wake up last night with it, and I do feel a bit less weak. Fingers crossed.
 Even R Next Door seems to think I look 'not quite so frighteningly ill...Gotta be
a good sign, I guess.
BEOWULF really sucks. Most tedious.

R Next Door:  'Your life force is very weak...'

Queen Dream...
At Westmister Abbey, there's some big royal occasion going on. The Queen wears her Coronation gown. I'm in the crowd, and we enter via St Margaret's. Prince Harry (about 13), wants to sneak his little white terrier in. The dog gets away, and goes scampering down the aisle. The Archbishop of Canterbur,y all in a panic fluster, chases after it, setting off a huge security alert. The Queen had been amused by the dog's antics, but gets peeved at the ensuing fuss. Finally, they all enter what looks like the Royal Box at the Coliseum, and line up, including that sweary chef guy, and Bill Cosby, all done up in evening dress, both with lots of medals. They're evidently getting some new other honours.
Afterwards, I see the Queen on TV, grumpily stumping through the streets of Belfast, with sheepish young Harry and the dog. It seems she's going to force him to live a 'normal' life there for a while, as punishment for his misbehaviour. She's still in the white gown, tiara, etc, but now wears green wellies, as she trudges through the wet streets,

Dental Despair...
Still coughing, but rather better (Started the tablets with great fear of the many gruesome caveats: swelling up,  suicidal misery, etc, but so far, only a bit queasier than usual stomach-)
This morning, it was the dentist. He gave me a 'plate' to be getting on with, and I can't even bloody talk with it in. ('You will soon get used to it'...) I feckin' doubt it. As for now, I have to eat gruel for five days, and can't even manage that, without feeling like I'm choking. Holy Mother of Fuck!  I think eventually I'm going to have to scrape up the £6000 plus  I'll need for implants. That will mean, of course, that I can't have the 'tummy tuck' . Shriek.
Watched THE NIGHT VISITOR, which I remember seeing back in the US decades ago. Even when it first came out, it went under the radar. I think I must have seen it on a double bill with something I fancied,and/or because the majestic Max von Sydow was in it. It could be called a slasher, I suppose, but a very 'arty' one, with a strong cast of well-knowns. It is certainly worth seeing as one of the most completely doolally films ever. There are  plenty of grim rural Scandi surroundings, too,

The stitched-up 'Salem' takes 'orrible revenge...


(no subject)

In case anyone hasn't tried making avatars with this terrific 'gift' from the brilliant Boulet, check it out.

This is the best 'me'. The gizmo doesn't take old age into account, but otherwise spot on:

Dead Man's Bulge...
LABYRINTH is another of those films that 'everyone' has seen, but I hadn't. It was on TV at the weekend, so I had a look. The late Mr Bowie was of course, wonderfully charismatic in a variety of outlandishly camp costumes, but on the whole, it seemed totally a fairly uninteresting 'kids' film'. I never really took to STAR WARS in the profound way that so many people have done, either. I found the early films quite entertaining, but they never made a huge emotional impact on me. Probably, it's my ancientness, I was well into my 20's when when I saw the first one, so not so impressionable, I guess.
I'm still enjoying WAR AND PEACE, but it's a great shame they've tried to cram such a massive tome with so many complex characters and plot threads  into six episodes. The 70's BBC series, despite the lame, wobbly sets and even worse wigs than the current one. was a lot better, in that respect. On the other hand, I find a lot of the US series, with 20 episodes, go on for much, too, long for such lightweight stuff . GOTHAM, for instance. Series 2 seemed a bit better, but it's already boring me. I've carried on plodding through JESSICA JONES 1. but although it's got a bit more interesting, now, I just don't get what everyone is so wildly enthusing about.
Saw R Next Door as I headed off to pick up the laundry. She remarked that it was good that I'm seeing the doctor in the morning. 'Yew are definitely very unwell. Yew look so FRAIL!'...Oh, goody.
I shuffled off very, very slowly, leaning heavily on my shopping trolley, but not before she reminded me that I'm old, and need to take 'minor' lurgies etc., more seriously...



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