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Frazzled In Frankfurt...
We only had a few hours to spend in this big city, and quite frankly, I was so knackered and in such Tramadol-defying joint and foot pain (Cobblestones are cruel!) that I didn't actually take in much. There are any number of interesting museums; an icon museum, a cartoon museum, the Strewwellpeter museum (!) plus the big ones,and Goethe's House, that I freaked out and never went to any. I need time to dawdle in places like that, and the knowledge that I had to get back to the coach on time hung over me. I really need to go back there for a couple of days, at least.
I just faffed around the huge market, and shops, really.
I got another giant pretzel, as the hotel wasn't supplying the evening meal, and that's more or less the end of my holiday story. The next day was just travelling, and the alarming visit to PJ's frightening chocolate factory and duty free in Belgium. It was like Hell, really HORDES of coach people storming around grabbing 'bargains', pushing, shoving and gibbering. Whew. The rooster in the cafe bit was nice, though. I'm very pissed off that I can't post my doodles any more. *Sigh*

Today I went to the South Bank. It was early-ish, but there were already a lot of rather melancholy families queueing for the Eye, and the skating rink, and some sort of indoor paid Festivus-land. There's a little choo-choo this year, as well, on which more sad folk were chugging around. The market stalls are possibly lamer than ever. Didn't even see any gluhwein, but perhaps they don't open until lunchtime. I'm certain that hut selling wooden neckties is fronting for a crystal meth dealer or something...Well, I made the effort, and I'm glad that's done.
I'm lying low, now. Saw the news items about that OAP who invested £1000 for a Christmas meal for other 'lonely' people in her area. I can scarcely imagine anything more dispiriting, myself, although they seemed to be enjoying it. Must say, a nice proper meal wouldn't go amiss, though.
Watched a bit of SCROOGE, which they were kind enough to broadcast in B&W this year, and not the awful colourised version, and so it goes. Ho, ho, ho...

Banjaxed In Bamberg...
I was suffering a total lack of confidence after the Nuremberg  misadventure, and the weather was once again, really grim. (The leaden skies only began to lighten a bit when we were on the coach headed for home, on the last day...)
Was patronised by some of the other old crocks on the tour, who said they'd been worried about me when I didn't turn up, and it must be hard, being on my own, etc....@+%#! ( It was all elderly couples, at least my age, and all bloody sprightlier, except for the other single sat next to me, a fiftyish man. We never really spoke, tried to keep out of each other's way...)
To my mind, Bamberg isn't as pretty as Wurzburg, although it's very nice. I got two pairs of fingerless gloves in a 'Euro Shop', which was a good buy. Once again, I was having trouble finding the Cathedral, and my feet and knees were giving me gyp. I was directed to a bus terminus, thank gods, where I got transport to the door, and was reassured to see I could also get a bus to deposit me back at the Concert/Conference Hall where we had to meet up.
It is, indeed a fine Cathedral, but once again, I liked Wurtzburg's better. The famous Bamberg Rider really is something though, much more impressive in 'RL' than photos. He radiates grace and nobility. Propping him up, of course, is 'my' Green Man and I sat contemplating them for a while. I was so glad to have seen them.
Here's a good link about the many Green Men in Bamberg.
The elegantly soulful Rider
The wondrously mystical  Green Man

Bamberg has four Christmas Markets. One is only open at weekends, and two, including the Medieval one I'd fancied, were closed this year, due to violation of fire, and other health & safety regulations. The remaining one was OK, with nothing that really appealed to me. The local speciality seems to be 'prune people'; crude rustic figures with prunes for heads. Meh.

Numpty In Nuremberg...
Oh, I forgot to mention about the cathedral in Wurzburg. It's brilliant.It's bright, clean and seemingly recently restored, yet retains a numinous aura. The ceiling is a creamy eruption of Baroque cherubs. Knockout.
After another hour or so on the coach, we arrived at Nurenberg, in time for the procession of figures honouring the Emperor, around the town hall clock. at noon. There's a lot to visit. It's a fair-sized place, and I saw only the basics; the cathedral , and several other churches, now melded together in my brain. Once again, angels abound. Bavaria must be the cherub capital of the world. There are also a lot of those smirking madonnas; some looking rather sexy in an enigmatic Leonardo way.
Lunched on-yes- Vanilla pudding; a lethal doughy cannonball laced with Nutella, sour cherries, or whatever, and swimming in vanilla sauce. I can no longer digest the greasy potato cakes. (Are they the same as Jewish latkes?) but this was equally unhealthy and scrumptuous.
I saw people touching the big brass ring on the gate around the Schoene Brunnen fountain; obviously a good luck thing, so I did likewise.
St Lorenz is full of entertaining religous art, some of it well gory.
I made it up the hill (cobblestones!) to Durer's house. Interesting, but modernised and digitised to the point that despite the restored medieval rooms, you got little sense of him having lived there. There were many difficult, uneven stairs, which I had to drag myself up and down, but I was bloody determined
Didn't make it to Goethe's house, or many other sights.
It was cold and drizzly. Then it got dark, and I lost my bearings on the way to the coach stop.and ended up going in circles for about an hour, with everyone I accosted giving me different directions. I was panicking pathetically; couldn't get a phone signal, etc.The coach left withgout me, and the poor 'Penguin'  had to stay and collect me. We waited a long time in the freezing murk for the driver to  turn round and pick us up. I was sooo mortified. They were incredibly nice and understanding about it.
It's too difficult to keep typing, because the page keeps going 'Unresponsive'. The scanner of course, is still dead.. Maddening.
Here's  some more info, and nice pics of the Dom. anyway...


Bavarian Market Trip (1)
The bloody sodding scanner isn't working, so it's hardly worth bothering with my boring impressions, but...
The entirety of Day One was full of coach travel. Two changes. I found myself really siezing up, although I tried to keep moving my feet as much as possible, etc. We had the usual driver/rep spouting incredibly lame jokes and dull statistics. (There are 400 zoos in Germany-) This one looks like 'the Penguin' out of GOTHAM.
We finally stopped in Liege, at a Great Western four-star gaff where I had a double room to myself; (so clean and comfy, and I loved the nice, hard mattress.) I couldn't afford a meal, and the place was out in the boonies, so I had to make do with a sandwich from home, and a waffle from the machine. Got to watch BBC TV, though. Yay!
Day 2: On to Wurzburg,after yet more coach hours. Germany is really up to the mark in the wind farm and solar farm department. We passed scads of 'em.
The market seemed to   have  more 'traditional' stuff that others I've visited. Lots of fancy baubles and baking equipment.angel girl

Home And Sickly...
dot cotton
Despite being ehxhausted beyond words, I was OK yesterday; resumed exercise,and  did my bits & pieces. I felt increasingly frelled, though, and the pains in my joints just got worse. This morning, following fraught dreams of Orson Welles,I really couldn't face the world. Have been indoors all day, groaning and dozing in front of DVDs.
Random musings on the trip home:
I don't know if these coach trips are a false economy. We've spent two days of it sat on the coach, listening to the drivers' dire jokes, with old ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES and MRS, BROWN'S BOYS episodes on the screen. The braying guffaws of my fellow travellers remind me of the mirthless leers of the riders on Mark Gertler's CAROUSEL.
We stopped in Belgium for a forced visit to PJ's chocolate factory, which was very strange.
It's Brit-owned, on a farm, with a grubby-looking cafe attached, where a rather handsome cockerel strutted snootily amongst the tables. Inside, there was cheap and horrible perfume,booze,fags.  and lots of overpriced chocolate that tastes like wax. The frenzied atmosphere was such that I spent 14 Euros, though. It was packed, with grimly determed tourists buying huge amounts of stuff, and just very weird
On the feeder coach about to go through the Channel Tunnel, I heard the driver asking to be put near a toilet, as they had a 'bad walker' on board. I'd also noticed the crip symbol next to my name on the boarding list. I'd been feeling I was practically an athelete, nowadays, but an excursion like this shows you the grim reality, all right. By the time we got to Victoria, I was so siezed up, that I was afraid I wouldn't make it hoime.
No regrets, though. It was definitely worth it. I just wish I'd been fitter/younger . On the other hand, a couple of years ago, I really couldn't have coped at all with pounding the coibblestones all day, and  doing lots of wonky stairs, even at my crawling pace, etc.

To Markets, To Markets...
Crumbs, thirty-four years today since John Lennorn died. I so vividly remember Dead Chris, sloping into the switchboard dungeon, talking about it, but nobody had seen the papers or anything. I laughed, thinking it was one of his dreams, or loopy concoctions.
Off to Germanica in the morning. Nuremberg, Bamberg and Wurtzburg. Hup! May be offline until Sunday night/Monday morning, depending on ease of internet access in the hotel. Whatevah...Really looking forward to it, and I'm a bit less neurotic about it than usual, as it's a coach trip, and I don't have to face any airport horror brain damage.
I'm getting evil meat urges already. A sausage may be consumed in the course of the expedition....
Scanner still semi-working, so here's some doodles...


Chilly And Groggy...
Oy, it's cold. Germany next week should feel proper Chrisymassy, if this weather keeps up.
R Next Door seems to be Not Speaking again, for the usual reasons unknown. Yerkel Mazerkel. life's too bloody short.
Fell asleep during FLOG IT this afternoon, and when I woke up, I thought it was 23:30 and got all disorientated cos it was bedtime, and I'd just woken up. Senility cracks on apace. Fortuitously, I'd just recieved a Dementia Guide from Age UK, or whatever it is...
I must go to Oxford to see that recreation of Blake's studio. The site is just down the road from me, but of course, there's nowt there but a blue plaque.
The All-New South Bank Christmas Market seems as grim as ever. I should go on a pleasanter day. Yes, that weird stall that sells nowt but wooden neckties is still there. I think it must be a front for flogging crystal meth or something...
Quite enjoying REMEMBER ME, which is proper creepy, and provides several wee jumps an episode.
Noticed while watching a SIMPSONS episode that God has five fingers, while mortals only have the classic cartoon four...
The scanner seems to have sputtered into half-life again, but now LJ isn't responding to my attempts to post doodles. Fap.


Eastern Promise...

Yesss...I've booked for a city break in Istanbul at the end of february. Unfortunately, I'll be going alone, as H still isn't feeling confident enough to travel after coming a cropper on our last two trips. *Sigh*
Needs must, though. I've wanted to check this place on my bucket list for ages. It's a pretty good deal, BTW from Voyages Jules Verne. There are still a VERY few places left. You get your own room with no single supplement , four nights, from 26 Feb. Anyone fancy it?
Went to the feckin'vein clinic again, and the consultant said my veins aren't the kind that are helped by 'stripping'. Compression seems to be the only route, really...Sooo, that means going to the GPs surgery every week or so to have my 'bad(der)' leg mummy-wrapped. Which means showering with it in a bin liner. not being able to get my shoes on properly, etc.etc. BUM.
I was planning to see HOCKNEY today, but don't feel like going out again. It's so raw out there. Exercising was grim this morning. It was drizzly, too. Season premiere of the Village Idiot Hat. There are PENNY DREADFUL episodes to be watched, too,and a cat to be mutually useful with (Still haven't put central heating on, was hoping to hold off until I get back from Germany.) 

Nasty Old Lady At The NPG...
Went to see the William Morris exhibit yesterday. It was quite interesting, but overcrowded. (I hadn't relised it was 'Senior Wednesday' which was good, because I got in for under £11.00, but bad, because there were about 300 other old farts with sticks in there, plus a couple of 'little disableds' in wheelchairs, and it was difficult to appreciate all the stuff.) There was a great deal of explanatory text, too, and you had to rush through it. Bah. I am such a cantankerous old thing, I know...
Today was another schlep to St Thomas'. This time to be measured for new support stockings. My good lally, according to the woman, now 'looks like an ordinary leg.'
Intrigued by Dickon Edwards' blog mention, I succumbed toStarbucks' eggnog latte curiosity.To my astonishment, they really are hideously tasty, although even my 'tall, skinny' surely packed about 300 calories and any amount of synthetic poison, and cost three quid.. I want another. Want it now...
R Next Door alerted me to a scruffy-looking fox trotting along in the park this morning. First live one i've seen in all my years on this estate, although I know there are plenty of them. I was delighted.

Another Wasted Day...
Sooo, I schlepped in the rain to St Thomas', waited half an hour or so, and then, they said I'd been sent to the wrong clinic. You're s'pozed to see the consultant for ultrscan results, etc., not the valscular nurse. Come back next week....
Must say I was surprised to be offered a cuppa while I waited for the nurse, who was late, though. Very civilised.

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