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Going to Hell
Watched (only highlights, so far-) the incredible first press conference of the Trump. Truly mindboggling, of course. Heaven help us.
Nearly finished with the second compulsive season of FORTITUDE. I'm trying to 'save' the last two episodes for the weekend, but don't know if I can hold out. Something truly dreadful has to befall Ken Stott's character, surely...
I checked out Without, near Clapham Juction, the other day, for its sitting and scribbling potential. It's tiny, but uncosy, with nothing much, foodwise. I was hoping for a wide range of vegan goodies. I had one of their coffees (with almond milk-) which was pleasant, but not exciting. Bit of a let-down. The new place on Lavender Hill continues to be crazily crowded with trendies, Their expensive food does look very nice, admittedly. I think I'll stick to the rather jolly branch of Nero's, directly across the road, when I'm around there.
Despite the annoyingly mild weather, I get very chilled at night, these days, and still have to switch the heat on for a while, which is financially counterindicated. Another sign of old age?


Dull Stuff...
Ugh, it's getting mild, after that lovely cold weather. Nice to see the sun, now and then, though. I've had an annoying headache all day, and, as usual, have accomplished nothing.
The scanner really isn't functioning at present, which makes me depressed. I've nothing of interest to post about, and can't even put any feeble doodles online.
I'm really enjoying the second season of FORTITUDE, anyway; super-creepy, with the odd burst of intensely horrid violence.
I,ve decided I really do't care much for the new coffee shop at Cedars road. Its expensive, the seating isn't comfortable for me and my trolley, mostly consisting of thode high stools, The coffe's not all that, and for some reason, it's always packed. The staff is pleasanbt, though.
There's a new vegan cafe just by Clapham JUnction, now, called Without. Must check that one, too.

R Next Door is all in a frenzy about a local drunk/stoner woman giving her verbal, again. She insists that because she grew up in a virtual paradise, she can't now be expected to cope with anyone being nasty to her. The woman called her a Nazi and stuff, but R does say the most amazingly ignorant things about POC, peoiple on benefits and/or living in council flats (like herself!) fat people (like me), etc. constantly. I suggested she report it all to the ASB line, although I can't imagine that doing much, except maybe make things worse. Jeez...
She also insists my face is still swollen, but I think it may be just my drooping dawg jowl. My jaw does still ache, though, and it's the last day of the antibiotic course.

Looks like the scanner has conked out again. Damn.
I skipped exercise because it was so 'orribly cold and damp. That's happening too much lately, and I can feel myself blowing up...I just want sleep and coffee and cake...
Managed to take yet another load of stuff to the charity shop. I must have spent thousands over the years on clothes that don't suit me, aren't comfortable,quickly bored me, etc, and my teeny closets are still bursting,

Mah Shit's Fucked Up...
Still failing to get very far with my de-cluttering.
I have to get rid of the giant bed I spent a huge fortune on some years ago. It needs a new mattress, a repair to the handset, and the built in DVD on the telly needs work.
 It had a big faux leather head and foot board, and needs to be taken away by sturdy people who know how to dismantle such things, and are handy with gadgets.
I'm  thinking of getting rid of my motorised recliner chair, which is  huge, as well, and due to the attention of cats, needs reupholstering, Good working order. Again, it's big and bulky and needs fairly skillful handling.
It's hard to believe  these places are supposed to be occupied by a couple, and maybe two kids. There's no storage at all. I've never considered myself a hoarder, but the place is just so full of crap...

Feckin' Frelled Again...
Snot fair...STILL have swelling and some pain. An FB friend commented it sounded like 'dry socket', and Google agreed, so I'm off to the dentist tomorrow.Bloody hell.
I actually lay abed festering until 10:30 this morning; totally unbelievable. Then I nodded off again this afternoon!
I've been watching the first season of GLITCH on Netflix. People rise from the dead in a dozy Australian town... Quite interesting.
There was an excellent documentary on Francis Bacon, BRUSH WITH VIOLENCE. It will be on iPlayer for a while.
TABOO continues to be crazy and entertaining, and I'm interested to see how APPLE TREE YARD works out.


Dental Agony...
Going to Hell

Glad that's over (unless there's infection or something-)  The tooth (right at the back-) came out with difficulty, and split into several pieces. Why don't dentists use gas any more? At least with that, if it still hurt, despite the anaesthetic, you didn't care, because you were all nice and goofy.
Looks like I have a golf ball or something in my cheek, and probably will still be swollen tomorrow.
H was telling me about her neighbour, who had bariatric surgery and lost a lot, but now looks at least ten years older. Tell me about it! Still can't get over the new passport photos. I didn't realise I looked THIS bad, now. More like 90 than 70 (and 70's bad enuff!)
The Horror!

On the topic of ugly mugs, I've been fooling around with Trump's, but can't get anywhere near it yet.  I thought he'd be really easy.

RIGOLETTO And Stuff...
Still really full of aches and exhaustion. Feeling frit about the tooth extraction tomorrow, too. I'm too fragile for this stuff.
I had as hard time getting to the Coli for the rehearsal at 10:30.
I can remember when Miller's RIGOLETTO first appeared,and everyone was so excited. The production has held up well, although I've seen it many times. Alas, the buzz has gone, although it's still a fine show. Nicholas Pallesen was  strong Rigoletto, although I wasn't that keen on Joshua Guerrero's dumpy, rather tired-sounding  "Duke" . Arthur Davies, in his youth was a really exciting presence in the part; charismatic, with a lovely, fresh voice. In other roles, I liked Nicholas Folwell and Barnaby Rea ( Monterone, Sparafucile.) Everyone else was good, but no thrills. The orchesta, as usual,these days, sounded fantastic, under Richard Armstrong. The place was full of school kids, who didn't fidget too much. Jonathan Miller was in the house, although I didn't see him, from the balcony.
I always feel more or less tired. but ever since the Trump takeover, I've felt completely wiped out, and I know I have plenty of company. He seems to do/say something frighteningly bizarre every day.
Congratulations to those who go out and demonstrate. I don't know if it will help at all, but at least they're trying, investing their time and strength in protest.


Getting Milder...
I've been mostly enjoying the cold weather, except at night, when there's a draught right over my head from the ill-fitting window. This morning the park was all slimy mud, as usual. Ick.
What ever happened to Heinz Sandwich Spread? I can't find it anywhere around here, much less the 'Light' version.
I have to try and get the dead hoover down to Battersea Park Road on the bus, at some point. It's over a hundred quid for a new 'Henry', so I've got to get it fixed, if possible. and my asthma is already suffering 'cos I can't use it, snd Moon insists on cuddling up with me in bed on chilly nights. Stoopid animal...
I see there's a new series of FORTITUDE. Must check it out. Shame I have to sit at my desk to watch it on the PC, though.


destroy planets
So cold, I've had to have the heat on all the time. (£££)
Had my pics for the new passport taken. I look like Nosferatu. Kim Woodburn on CELEB BIG BROTHER is apparently 74, and looks about 20 years younger than I do. I wonder if she's had any cosmetic procedures. Me want,

I found out yesterday that the tooth I've been having trouble with for ages has really gotta go, this time. Maybe the one next to it too/ Wail, I can't bear it, etc.
Had to get a new Sim card, so maybe my phone will hold out for a while yet.
so, so tired, as usual...Just want to nap with the cat.

MCR, Real Winter...
Whew, it was so foggy and cold this morning! The air's not good at all, and I took yet another day off working in the park. I'm feeling a bit crook, too; coughing and shivering and achy. Meh.
I'm really pissed off with Southern Rail, too. After having to shell out 12.50 or something to get from East Croydon to Bumcrack, on the way home, there was no one at the station, so I thought I might get away with using just my Freedom Pass.
No, a ticket collector went around, and he asked for a fiver or so to get to Gatwick, but said that if I changed trains, I could get from there to Clapham Junction with my pass. NO! I ended up paying nearly £13 again. all in all, and with all the hassle, added 20 minutes or so to my journey. Bastards. Boy, it doesn't  seem long ago that London to Brighton was a fiver. Fap.
Moto and Chris did a great job hosting the MCR again. I completely fucked up the few pages I did; kept making stupid mistakes, etc., due to poor concentration. It was nice to see everyone again, though, and they were so nice to me, despite my cringing and whining with the birthday terrors. I'm 70 now. Fucking 70. Just heard the ALLO,'ALLO star died, and he was only 75.Wibble.
I didn't have the strength today, to try and find a hoover-fixing place, or take my phone to be sorted out. I really need to, though, the dust and cat hair is already giving me gyp, and it was bloody scary to be stuck  incommudicadp outside of Bumcrack, not knowing Moto's address. Thank Christ for the nice people in the Chinese takeaway, who let me use their phone.
Well, thanks again to Moto, who really shouldn't have taken it on, worn out as she is with all the PHD stuff, work angst, and Brexit shit. Well done.

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