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Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Had my nails done, to try and look a bit civilised in Helsinki. Also had my first-ever pedicure, a strange and rather uncomfortable experience. I felt really decadent sitting there while the poor wee oriental slave girl toiled over my gnarled, calloused old plates; didn't seem right. Still, they look much more presentable than usual, now. In my guilt, I over-tipped ludicrously. I don't imagine those workers get paid properly, though, and there are probably about ten of them living in a shed out back.
A minor miracle! The scammy people I bought that dodgy potion for R from actually have given me a full refund, after all the fuss. Thank you, PayPal!
Two more sleeps until I travel to the northlands. Still bricking it, of course.

Wet And Crabby...
Again. hoped for a 'day off' exercise, but it wasn't raining, so I went ahead. Then, of course, it did rain. AND I got caught by R Next Door, who's still tormenting me about getting my money back from Paypal for this rubbish snake oil she insisted on my buying for her. It's MY fucking money that it's probably going to take months to get back, IF I get it. My patience is seriously running out.
This weeks DVDs were a strange and boring lot; I, FRANKENSTEIN, witha turn from Bill Nighy, and DRACULA UNKNOWN,with a cameo from Charles Dance. Not enough to save the film in either case. Tedious.
There was also a very peculiar MOBY DICK, with William Hurt as a rather jovial beardes Ahab with a cosy home life  (...Mrs Ahab was Gillian Anderson!)His wife and child are only mentioned a couple of times, and very fleetingly in the book. Pip was a slave boy who Ishmael rescued from being beaten, and Queequeeg was an extremely subdued, soft-spoken character, who even naked in the dead of night, weilding his tomahawk and shrunken head, couldn't be expected to scare anyone. There were so many really odd deviations from the book I can't imagine what they were playing at. Eddie Marsan was a credible Stubb, but Ethan Hawke as Starbuck? etc. etc.
Still freaking out about the upcoming travel I just can't get my head together. Ate pizza while watching 1864, and then conked out in the chair. Of course, when I woke up at 1 AM and shuffled off to bed, I couldn't sleep. When I finally dozed after 3, I had a scary dream about Schubert (something on the radio?) who was staggering around like a zombie, with his nose falling off, etc., from syphillis. Charming.
 Didn't crawl out of the pit until about 7:45, and now my day is all messed up. Collected the laundry and got wetter. Grunt.

TMI Time...
When you get to my age, you get offered an annual scan for bowel cancer. It would be foolish not to take advantage of it, but the procedure is gross in the extreme. You get sent a card with three segments. For three days, you have to crap into a container, and take two samples, each from a different section of jobbie, with little cardboard sticks. Then you smear some on each of the day's two windows... I bet there are any number of people who don't do it because they just can't face the yuckness.
Surely there must be some less revolting way to screen for the disease?
On the topic of disgustingness, I'm waiting in for a plumber to come and pump out the black sludge that builds up in the pipe to the bathroom sink. I actually never use it, except to brush my teeth and wash my hands, because the whole plumbing system is, and always has been defective. Every bathroom sink on my side of the building is the same.The water never drains away properly. Can't be healthy...

Bank Holiday Blahs...
Still feeling crap. Got exercising & supermarket trek done early, anyway.
Quite enjoying JONATHAN STRANGE AND MR NORELL, and there was a rather good outdoor PETER GRIMES on BBC 4 last night. 1864, as expected, is most engrossing. Knew absolutely nothing of this whole war...
Eurovision was disappointingly competent, on the whole, Bloody hell, where were the bopping babushkas and titty- thrusting farm girls? (There was a burning piano, quite a few gimps, and some dementors, though...)  Production values were pretty high, especially for the winning Swedish number. I didn't think much of the song itself. Serbia didn't even make the top five, which I think was most unfair; (gorgeous fat  diva, white-masked gimp attendants and a decent song-)
Doodles later, if I have the energy to scan...

I used to be quite 'houseproud', in a way. Despite clutter, I always tried to keep the place tidy and cleanish. Not these days. It's really depressing, as if I weren't low enough. Fap.
Eurovision tonight. There may be pizza.

Haven't really been following BIG BROTHER yet. Too boring. I prefer to wait until the bitching and hysteria sets in. Seems a particularly dull lot, though. I do find myself rather liking Jack (AKA Pie Face), a 23-year old virgin who works at McDonald's and is afraid of ghosts. There's also a very strange woman, Eileen, with hugely pumped-up lips, who may be quite mad. Unfortunately, I think she's going to be evicted tonight for being old (51) The rest are the usual.
Getting scared about getting to Helsinki, now. Wibble.

Actually, It Really IS Very Good...
Still feeling weedy, but  I exercised and hobbled up to the High Street to see FURY ROAD. It is indeed one of those Wham! Chase! Fight! Explode! Boom! films I don't usually care much for,but so extremely well made and acted that I was right into it.
The characters were that bit more rounded than usual, even the unfeasably glam 'Breeders' on the run. All in all, an excellent piece of rock 'em, sock 'em respite from reality. Recommended.
Attempted to watch one of Peter Greenaway's wankier efforts, GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY four times, and nodded off every time. Like all his work, it's very striking to look at, but I found it tedious in the extreme. Evidently his next film will be about Bosch. I hope he's on good form for that.
Got mugged in the park again, by the giant Baskerville-Hound type, Chelsea. His owner just laughs. Fucking thing should have one of those 'buzz' collars, for when he gets out of control. The owner says he's considering it. (Yeah-)

Feeling quite crap. Although I don't usually get headaches, I've had a nagging dull one for days. I think I may have a cold coming, too, having been drenched several times in the last few erratically showery days.
R Next Door is driving me mad about this PayPal business, too. It goes on and on.
I was going to skip choir, but dragged myself out and made even worse noises than usual. I think the fresh air and a bit of diapraghm-breathing did me good, though.
I liked PENNY DREADFUL first time round, but season two is really smokin' so far. One episode at a time is not enough.
There must be something very wrong with me,but GAME OF THRONES rape scenes do not send me into a righteous fury.
Like, it's fiction, for starters. They're not terriby graphic, and they're part of a rough, nasty world full of violent psychos.

I was praying it would be raining hard enough for me to skip exercising, but it wasn't... until I was halfway through, of course, then I got drenched. In the meantime, one of the dog walkers came up and said that this man was watching me intently, hiding behind trees, etc. Indeed, there was a creepy-looking bod in a tracksuit doing just that. I think I may have seen him before,  standing still in the distance, but I'd thought he was just watching a dog, or having a smoke. Now it seems I have to keep my eyes peeled and worry about him creeping up behind me when I'm in the zone, and cutting my head off with his machete. Damn!
1864 on BBC4 is looking quite good; nice to have something interesting to gawp at again on Saturday nights. It reminds me a bit of HEIMAT, which I used to follow obsessively. Cool.
THE ENFIELD HAUNTING (SKY) was pretty good, but I totally gave up in TAUTU (BBC3), which was intolerably tedious.
I think I may go to see FURY ROAD on an OAP day this week, although I'm sure it can't possibly be as good as everyone says. I like Tom Hardy, anyway.
The PayPal thing is extremely tedious, and they don't seem at all interested in what I've discovered about the 'company'.
On the plus side, Amazy's blood test results are good. Her kidney function has actually improved. Cernunnous. Bast,St Francis, etc. be praised.

Ripped Off...
Stupidly, I agreed to shop online for R Next Door who was wanting some potion to help with her (and Lula dog's) eyesight, as she can't cope with PCs. I payed a bomb through PayPal, against my better judgement, and it turned out they no longer had the product, but had a generic, at, of course, a higher price. R asked for a smaller amount, to try it. When it arrived, it turned out to be over a month out of date, and I'm getting nowhere trying to get a refund. Sooo...
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM Bionational Pharmeceuticals.  They are dodgy.
I need this like a hot poker up the jaxie. Didn't want to be involved at all, but such is R's pester power that I succumbed. Fap.
I am currently in such a depression that dealing with anything is massively exhausting. Slept badly last night (after conking out several times during the day-), with that 'orrible 'My head is awash with bubbling poison' sensation and general doominess.
I did manage to crawl across the road to choir the other night. Unfortunately there were only four tenors attending, and the only other female one was the lady who doesn't like to sit next to me, 'cos my drain-like emanations put her off her stroke.
I felt seriously exposed, although the deputy leader seemed intrigued (or alarmed!) by my low register ( good resonance, wrong notes, usually-). He worked us hard, too, and when I got home I nodded off yet again, watching a prurient study of Marilyn Monroe's autopsy.
Looks like some interesting telly coming up this weekend, anyway. New Scandi drama on BBC4m after weeks of boring MONTALBANO repeats. Yeh!

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