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Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Still suffering with heavy CFS symptoms and 'cold' manifestations, but not that bad. R Next Door had a row with the man who has the Shar Pei-Lab cross, a very handsome fellow (the dog-) R maintains that the soppy Chelsea is a 'fighting dog' and dangerous. Irate human put him on the lead and flounced off. *Sigh*  Someone's going to deck R one of these days.
I fell asleep watching ANTIQUES ROADSHOW last night! Pitiful.

More travel scrawls:

I feel bad. I did work out, then settled down in front of the TV to doze and catch up on stuff. I wish I had a slice of that brilliant pizza in Pancevo (Mmm, greasy carbs!) but then again, I probably wouldn't be able to taste it, due to bunged-upness. Bah.
I have also changed the cat litter and tidied up a bit, and that has been my day.
Here's some more travel diary scribbling.

Bugger, I'm feeling all sickly again. Sneezy and snuffly, achy and queasy...Anyway, the PANCEVAC strip is finished, and Sasa seems to think it's passable, so I'm free to flake out. I think tomorrow is pretty much a duvet day pour moi.
There was a huge scene in the dog park, when R Next Door, who is so down on Staffies, got knocked off her feet by the affectionate lunge of Honey, a (half-grown, gods help us-) specimen of the robust breed. They're like tanks. She turned the ankle of her bad leg and let out a nightmarish scream before roundly abushing Honey and her human, to whom she apologised afterwards. She insisted she'd be OK to get upstairs on her own, and said she'd use her crutches to take the dogs to the Common...
CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER was won by Gary Busey, who gained the public's love by belching, farting, honking like a goose, saying "WHAT?" all the time, and sitting bareass in the kitchen trying to manipulate his dodgy knee.
I would have quite liked White Dee to get it, or Audley, the runner-up.
Almost time for CRIMES OF PASSION. Here are a few pages of scrawlings from my travel diary.


Ripping OTELLO...
Late again to the dress rehearsal, but only by a moment. Totally liked David Alden's very grey new production. Vintage ENO stalwart Jonathan Summers is still a fine Iago and Stuart Stelton's first Otello was  indeed excellent; standing ovation, etc.
motodraconis was also in attendance, and had just given into bling frenzy, on the way. She showed me the two pieces she's  bought, and I was impressed, especially with the hissing serpent robe clasp thing. Afterwards, I went to Cecil Court, and once again walked obliviously past the shop, which I must have passed hundreds of times, and Sophie pointed it out. It's full of all manner of gobsmacking stuff. I'm not that much of a one for jewellery, but was taken by the loudly coloured bakelite-looking items. I'd wear some of those.Most of the things, though not 'me' were amazing to look at.Great place.
I'm soooo tired, and trying to get a strip together by Saturday, for PANCEVAC, about my trip to the film festival, comic exhibit, etc. Hope I can manage it.

Here's me looking a div, as per usual, and my lil' exhibit at the Elektrika gallery in Pancevo'



Sweatin' It...
Twitch Bugs
Have decided to try going to Heathrow by tube (twitch-) as it's around rush hour, and I'm afraid of the coach being stuck for ages. So dreading the  whole journey.
It always pisses me off when I relate to a Michelle Hanson article...   Alas, I hear her.
Watched a low-budget, hand-held camera horror from Australia ,APOCALYPTIC, and,to my surprise, it was quite good. It's really pretty creepy.
Oh, the scanner's decided to sort of function today...


Zippy Zombie Action...
i am bored
Must say season 4 of WALKING DEAD is a solid improvement on the last one. Lots of (Chortle) much-needed cast culling.
Today's distraction from common sense was MONSTER HOUSE, which got a  growing write-up in the RADIO TIMES, but was rubbish. The 'HOUSE' was OK, but the human characters still had that unpleasant 'uncanny valley' look., and it was totally kid stuff despite the declaration that there was plenty to entertain adults, too.
The new Scandi murder series, CRIMES OF PASSION is unfortunately not at all noir, although fairly diverting, and maybe a bit less corny than MONTALBANO
I'm really going to have to do something about my growing addiction to FLOG IT- type shows, of which there are many, so I guess I have company. Must stop, though
Ah well, five days in Serbia, probably without the 'fools' lantern' will be good for me.
I can't post anything new, now, because I keep getting 'insufficient memory' messages when I try. I've got to get all this sorted out, somehow. I still can't play bloody Words With Friends,either, and am now comfort eating a Magnum.

In lieu of a doodle, here's a lovely tiger washing its feet:

Wasting Time...
Instead of doing any of the many things that need doing before my trip, I watched Polanski's VENUS IN FUR, which is neither sexy, funny, spooky or anything,really,apart from soporific. A major turkey. It must be the worst thing he's ever done.
Also saw FROZEN this week, which everyone seems to be enchanted by. Meh. Technically, it's fine, of course, and the music is very good for that sort of thing. Just not my sort of thing... Altogether a bit too wholesome for me, but at least the princesses are less feeble than usual.
Still turning the place upside down vainly searching for a bit more shit to pad out my 'exhibition' Heaven help me.

Channelling Eminem on the inside back cover of the unpublished INNER CITY PAGAN 6:

Don't think I've posted this before: Thanks again, dansette

Six More Sleeps...
...Before the Serbia trip. Usual panic stations. The flat's a tip, I'm a wreck, the stuff for the exhibit is shite, and I've gotta TALK, etc. etc. Not to mention possible Icelandic eruptions, terrorists, and having to take my shoes off,etc. I am such a feckin' old lady...
In BB news, I am beginning to wonder if the whole lunacy of Gary Busey thing isn't a con...I don't see how they could justify having someone in that condition presented as a 'public mock and show' otherwise...According to a SUN front page I saw, he had such a volcanic set-to last night with White Dee (up until then, the voice of reason...) that other housemates ran, quaking, for cover, and it was 'too terrifying to broadcast.' Chortle.
I also viewed NOW. I'd been under the impression that Kevin Spacey's RICHARD III was being filmed. Disappointingly, this is a documentary about  the world tour, with just a few tantalising excerpts. It looks like a rollicking production, but mostly we get members of the company waffling on, often in a tiresomely luvvie-ish fashion. Bah. Still, it was not entirely uninteresting.
I took some stuff to be colour-copied, and the guy in the shop asked me if I sell my stuff (Ha!) He said how good it was.Nice of him.
Here's another Technicolor dream:

Bleak Bank Holiday...
It's pissing down. May not exercise today, we'll see. I've already missed a day, because of the Bug Woman coming, and I really feel like never exercising again. Just .Want. Sleep. Gotta fight it, of course.
BIG BROTHER latest...Poor Gary Busey fell over, pissed everyone off some more, and had to be coerced into his first shower for six days. It's car-crashily compulsive, of course, but the guy really should be taken out of there and taken care of. Kellie is having huge mood swings.I don't know anything about transitioning, but everyone seems to think it's due to her recently starting on hormones.  It's strange that the cis women actually all seem to totally buy into these old chestnuts about PMS and stuff. ("Ohhhh, must be like all your periods have come at once". etc.) I know it exists, but most  women do NOT have these weird monthly manifestations, thank the gods. I certainly never did. (...Maybe because I'm in an eternal PMS-y state!)
Poor old Kellie, anyway. I guess she needs the money, but it does seem a bit strenuous for her to be taking on the BB experience at this point in her 'journey'
Possibly triggered by all this, I dreamt that the strange Peter Jonas, once the general director at the theatre, drove past me in a limo,while I plodded along in a downpour,splashing me, and brayed 'Menstrual  cunt!' I was furious, and vowed revenge. (In RL he was a loud, egomaniacal bully, and I totally resented him.)
Watched a rather interesting, low-key horror from the 'new' Hammer, THE QUIET ONES. No masterpiece, but quite watchable. Better than average.
In my futile search for material for the exhibit, I found this one. Teletubbies  greatly enriched my life,when I was toiling on the switchboard. Eh-Oh.


Don't Talk To Me About Life...
Just found this entry from an old doodle diary. Arf!  STILL waiting for the Bug Woman, needless to say...


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