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Complaining, Crabbing,Caterwauling...

Wowies In Westeros, Joy In Leicester...

Whoa, just watched the second ep of GOT. Good God! Jam packed with Events, including a bit of dragon action. Woot!

Congratulations, Leicester! That was the first, and probably only, time I have given a toss about the outcome of a football match. I do love a good underdog triumph.

Moody, Morose and Meh...
Still toothgrindingly vexed over the current computer SNAFU. Viruses, I suspect, but I don't know what to do. It's incredibly slow, won't close down properly, and is doing all manner of indescribably odd things.
If you've not seen the beautiful Russian film of HAMLET, there's a rare TV airing on BBC4 tonight, at 10:45. There's gorgeous B&W cinematography, a Shoshtakovich score and the spookiest Ghost evah. The rather dishy Innokenti Smoktunovsky may be a bit mature for the part, but so was Olivier, and indeed most well-known exponents. He's good, anyway, and all in all, it's one of my favourite versions.

I'm sitting here in a raggedy old kaftan, stinking like a billygoat, and have just eaten a hugely calorific great chunk of cheddar cheese. I am DEPRESSED!!! The flat looks like the anguished dectective's festering caravan in HINTERLAND. At least I'm still exercising, but I'm in a semicoma most of the time, otherwise. Glub.
Made the mistake of watching a documentary about this poor man who had a cold, and developed some sort of toxic shock that left him limbless, with a grotesque hole for a mouth. His partner stuck with him,and he now seems happier than he was before he become a crippled monstrosity. It made me feel guilty about whining all the time, of course, but...
Glad to see that the rollicking PENNY DREADFUL is back on Sky Atlantic, this week, anyway. Just hope the PC will let me watch it.
Accomplishment of the day: Changed the sheets! ( Well, it is difficult when one side of the bed is nearly up against the wall, as the room's so small )
Sill  can't download doodles, bugger it.

I'm so incapable of doing anything these days, it's really scary. I just have no motivation whatever. Going to sleep truly is my only pleasure. I wish I could afford a cleaner. I keep letting the flat deteriorate, when I used to make an effort to live in some sort of civilised fashion. It's all so difficult. Bah.
The lift's still not working, and even the one flight I have to go to the usable one is torture. Dunno which hurts more, going up or going down. I'm like poor Lula the ancient dog.

Dreamed about an old work friend who had turned into a sort of harpy. Apart from her bird legs, wings and human head, her whole body was covered in pubic hair. She kept swooping at me menacingly. Then a man I used to fancy turned up, dressed as a bumblebee.

Mayfair Madness...

Went to Grafton Street to see the R Crumb ART AND BEAUTY exhibit, which seemed to be attracting a lot of interest for the time of day, but not too crowded, thank gods. It was quite entertaining, of course. Getting around the area was horrific, though. The streets are all dug up, and lorries are just mounting the pavement and comin' atcha all over the place. This man and I had to actually hop out ot the way and flatten ourselves against a railing. Ohhh, my nerves. There was this big chorus of frenzied horn blowing going on incessantly. too.To what purpose? It wasn't going to get them anywhere any faster. London is getting harder to live in all the time.
While I was in the area, I popped into the beautifully kitsch Farm Street church again, to soak up a little serenity.
Those HOLLOW CROWN Shakespeares are being repeated on BBC4 all week HENRY !V PART ONE tonight. They're terrific, if anyone missed them.
I don't seem to be able to download any doodles at the moment. Now what?


Dentist Again...
Had a 'cleaning', after the crown replacement. Agony. ( 'May be a bit sensitive...' )  Oh well, I just hope the new crown lasts a while, as he says what's left of the tooth has to come out, next time.
Watched the Shakespeare 400 Years celebration thing, which was pretty lame, as 'galas' usually are, with the odd interesting moment. I'd like to see Rory Kinnear's Macbeth,
A local junk shop has got some framed Martin Rowson cartoons on sale for £30 each. They're not particularly good ones, IMO, and I couldn't afford, anyway, but I wonder if they might become valuable?
I'm shivering with cold. Still better than being hot, though.


Gawd, I'm Senile!...

Went to the Wellcome Collection to see the current exhibits, especially 'This Is A Voice'.  I was there most of the afternoon, and left with scrambled brains and a headache.This is the first time I've seen anything there that I wasn't completely favourable about. Both shows were comprised of mostly confusing installations, a lot of overlapping soundtracks, quite technical labels, which were difficult to read in the dim light,and...argh...just general sensory overload. Is it because I'm so old? I'm feeling fretful, now. Dementia looms...
That  replica of the arch from Palmyra looks wery wee (I think it's about 3/4 actual size), and a bit sad in Trafalgar Square.
I was quite shocked to hear of the death of the wonderful Victoria Wood at 62. Is there really some sort of celebrity (usually quite early-) death plague going on? Certainly feels like it.
God, my eyes are itchy, and my nose, and my throat...Bah. 'Lovely day' though.

Hilma Af Klint!
Popped into the Serpentine Gallery to check out the rather obscure, esoteric work of abstact pioneer Hilma Af Klint. Abstaction isn't really my thing, but this woman was a proper mystic, and her work, which. of course, I couldn't understand at all, was still very seductive and powerful. The strange images are haunting me. I may go again, if I get a chance, before it closes on 15 May. It was a bit crowded, even at off-peak, with a lot of 'foreign' witchy types. Very interesting indeed.

My mouth is still feeling weird, but doesn't actually hurt, and there's no visible swelling.
The tent is still in the dog park, but there's still no litter or anything, mercifully.
In last night's dream, I was clearing out some old file cabinets with EASTENDERS Stacey, who suddenly gave birth to a grey poodle (a rather alarming sight to witness!)  Against my will, I was drawn into helping her escape from some Nazi/Satanist types, who were set on murdering her and the dogbaby, which was worryingly frisky and difficult to keep hidden.


It's The End Of The World...
What, another murder comitted by very young teenagers !? Yup, this world's hellbound for sure...And then, of course, there's all the earthquakes, more drowned refugees, and the crumbly coral reefs,,,I read somewhere that a whole lot of planets are going into retrograde at the same time, which means we're more or less doomed. Must ask my sister about it. She's quite the astrologer, or used to be, before she took up meditating virtually full time.

Media weekend: Saw quite an interesting little horror film, WER. They're all so samey, these days, but this had a bit of pizazz. The not-so-hot FOLLOW THE MONEY finished reasonably satisfactorally, but the whole thing was pretty formulaic. I'm glad Batista Dog survived, anyway.
EASTENDERS: Nance, nooooo! She's Leaving the Square. At least she's taking the dismal Tamwar with her. He used to be mildly simpatico, but he's been in a rut for ages. (She could do so much better, though...)
Somebody's pitched a tent in the park. They've been there a few days, and I hope we don't end up with a whole gypsy 'village.' These people seem very tidy and well behaved, though, and you've got to sympathise.


Tooth Trouble, Comic Heroine...


Dentist says the prognosis is very bad for the broken tooth, but he'll try replacing the crown just one more time...I go back on the 25th, and 'may be uncomfortable' until then.(That's a dentist euphemism, like when they say 'You may feel a bit of pressure, now...' before planting a foot on your chest and YANKing...) All very sucky. I think I may be eating mostly gruel for the next ten days.


It turned wet and chilly, and between the tooth thing, chronic exhaustion and nausea, not to mention the 'social phobia', I couldn't have felt less like going back to the House of Illustration for the Aline Kominsky-Crumb 'in conversation' event. I was just on time, as well, despite leaving at 5:30, due to the inevitable gridlock. I ran into Francesca C and Paul Gravett, but as per usual, was far too freaked out by all  'the noise and the people' to utter anything intelligible. 'Normal' people must think I'm just a fucking imbecile, and rude with it...Oh well, what can you do? I yam wot I yam.
Anyway, it was really a kick to actually see 'her'. She has a surprisingly melodious voice and, honestly, the most astouding pair of cheekbones EVER, Hard to believe they're not implants, or something. I would have preferred a bit more of the 'conversation' instead of Aline having to read out the dialogue of a bunch of her strips, but it was all good.
I was intrigued by a story I hadn't heard, about how she actually lost money on NEED MORE LOVE, due to a bad publisher's cock-ups. I wished I'd brought my copy along to be signed,as it might become valuable, due to the scarcity factor. I wouldn't have dared, though. I would also have liked to chat a bit about Serbia with her, as from a strip Sasa sent me, I gather that she and Crumb find the place as strangely seductive and inspiring as I do. Anyway, I rushed off into the drizzly (King's Cross-Ew!) dark immediately after the event ended, as is my pathetic wont. I'm glad I made it, though,
I've been very crook today, the tooth chasm, plus queasy gut (Could I be getting gallstones? It's a common problem after weight reduction surgery-) my bad leg playing up, ETC. What an old crock I am. Anyway. seeing Aline has inspired me to draw more...or want to draw more, anyway.

A Bit Of Arrrrgh!, A Bit Of Ahhhh...
Gotta go to the (shudder) dentist in the morning. One of my back teeth has been feeling weird for a while now, but I was putting off sorting it out. Today the bloody crown just plopped out while I was eating meusli. Oh well, at least I didn't swallow it.
It was bloody hot, too. Not only does it vex me, but it's not good for poor old Lula either. She (like me-) is all dripping snot, and coughing, in addition to the usual ailments. Still, it looked lovely out, and a lot of people were enjoying themselves.
I went to the House of Illustration for the first time. I'm totally unfamiliar with the 'new' area behind Kings Cross station, but it actually wasn't too difficult to find, and it's only a short walk.
I was well impressed with the exhibit of women cartoonists. There's a lot to see (I must have been there two and a half hours-) and in addition to the well-known US/UK creators who always appear, there were quite a few international artists, and some I'd never heard of (Didn't know there were any gurlz producing Tiajuana Bibles...) or whose work I had never seen 'in real life.' Don't forget to watch the film at the end, which consists of clips of some ot the artists talking about their work, and their feelings about comics. It's fascinating. I'm going back Friday evening, I hope, for the Aline Kominsky-Crumb interview.



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