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A Wee Artist Date...
That bit too wet for the park, so pootled to the NPG for the Gillian Wearing/ Claude Cahun  exhibit, which I really enjoyed.
I love physical transformation and androgyny. Some of wearing's self-portraits as various family members, etc. are quite unbelievable. It was nice and peaceful, although a legion of loud school kids was arriving, just as I was leaving (thank gods-) There seemed to be quite a few old-fashioned Bohemian types around, though, which was nice.
Had a coffee in the Crypt cafe, which is still atmospheric, but rather upmarket these days. Puddings and soup are about four quid. Back in the day you could get a nice hearty helping of bread and butter pudding in lieu of a meal, for about half that.(Mumbles, beats gums together...) Still, I suppose with prices as they are now, it's still reasonable, and helps other po' folk.


Feeling kind of queasy and rough yet again. The other day I had to go for my vitamin C shot, and to have a couple of blood tests...Two nurses had two goes each to get enough gore out of my 'wobbly veins' and failed. Try again next week... Sometimes it's a bit difficult, but that was really a bit much.. I continue  just desperately wanting to sleep all the time. *Sigh*
Stuff I've watched: THE REPLACEMENT was daft but entertaining at first, but the final chapter was just SO silly that it pissed me off.
Continued enjoying BROADCHURCH 3. SS-UK has just finished; liveliest episode of a very dull series. The hero (Sam Riley)
was a very pretty young man with a rather sexy whisper, but the only really interesting character was the Nazi (Hunf?)
Saw  an atrocious Wes Craven film, THE BREED, with the usual tiresome young people being stalked by rather cuddly-looking large mutant Alsatians.
On the other hand, I was expecting ROOM to be really dull, but it was fascinating.
I've recorded the prequel to HEIMAT, which I remember obsessing over for most of the 90's. Hope it matches up to the earlier series.


Went to see KONG: SKULL ISLAND.  The annoying woman at the box office said with some concern 'Are you all right? You look a bit....' Made my day. As a matter of fact, my knees are very bad indeed, and I feel kinda queasy.
I knew the film would be rubbish, and the reviews were pretty bad, but you know...Actually, I nodded off a bit at the beginning, but once the critters started appearing, I quite enjoyed it. Tom Hiddleston didn't take his shirt off once, though. John Goodman got eaten, and Samuel L Jackson went right off his head. BTW, Mr Goodman, while still a substantial gent , seems to have lost a lot of weight. Wonder if he's had bariatric surgery, too?

One O' Those Days...
Bum! I was expecting serious rain, an excuse not to exercise... In the park,exercising,  I told R Next Door that I was going to LIDL to get some cycling gloves before they sold out, and did she want anything. She wanted a lot; huge heavy tins of dog food, etc. Generally, I avoid supermarkets at the weekend, but didn't want to miss out on this offer... Of course, when I got there, there were no fecking gloves at all. These little tiny annoyances build up and up, until you want to kill someone...I had a much too large pair of jeans on, which is no real problem in the park, but as I schlepped along, I had to keep hoiking them up, before they slipped down to my knees (which hurt so much even Tramadol doesn't help.) There were big queues in LIDL and plenty of unwashed types with screaming kids. Once I got out, the buses were seriously delayed and dreadfully packed, because of 'police action on Wandsworth Road' I still don't know what happened. At least the diversions weren't on any more, so that saved me some extra walking---in the bloody rain, which by now, had decided to strike! Yargh.
I don't know if I've missed it; (haven't caught any news yet,) but there doesn't seem to have been a Trump Twitter eruption in
response to Bernie's denunciation yesterday. Have his minions got him tied up, or something?
Still  watching FOLLOW THE MONEY, which is OK, but I find 'Mads' so 'orribly unattractive that I'm not really into the bits involving him, and all the finance stuff bores me.
After all my ;exertions', I browsed THE OBSERVER, while de Laurentis' wretched KING KONG was on TV. I saw it in the cinema, and it was even worse than I remembered.
The weather is now distinctly uncanny, murky and spookily still. In New York, it's nice and cold.


Fun Funerals, Etc....
Can't remember if I've mentioned these before, but I've seen 'em about ten times since yesterday...
These strangely jokey, jolly adverts about old folks' insurance to provide for your funeral keep popping up on TV. The creepiest one shows two suburban matron types in a garden centre, reminiscing about the taste in flowers of a dead friend, and what a great 'sendoff' she'd had. ' I could never afford a funeral like that!' says one wistfully. Her pal tells her all about this great plan she's signed into, that will save your family from the expense of disposing of your carcass. It really does creep me out.
My legs are still giving me major gyp, damn it.
Yesterday, I popped into St Martin's in the Fields, to see a wee exhibit of rather Giacometti-esque sculptures by one Chaim Stephenson. They mostly depicted Bible storie and images of refugees. Not bad.
Been Watching THE TEAM, a pretty decent Scandi tec saga, and THE REPLACEMENT, Not the most original theme, but well acted and presented enough to hold the attention.

Chokin' In The Cinema...
My knees were so bad, I took the bus to Clapham Common to see LOGAN, and then I fell asleep several times. Once I woke up gagging because I'd had a 'Minto' in my mouth when I conked out. Gods know what kind of noise I was making, but there were only a few people ther. The main thing is, I could have killed myself. It's also amazing, because the film itself was so loud and violent, I don't know how I managed to nod off. It was a pretty good film, all told, but as usual, nowhere near as awesome as it's made out to be. It was certainly action-packed, though. Heads and innards were flying, non-stop.

General Weirdness...
destroy planets
There seem to be an awful lot of TV ads about buying 'funeral plans' on TV at present. They're very creepy and weird. The most bizarre one has two fiftyish 'housewife' types shopping in a garden centre. They comment on a flower that was a deceased pal's favourite, and what a great 'sendoff' she'd had.  'I could never afford a funeral like that!' sighs one wistfully. Her pal replies that with this nifty policy she can save for a fab funeral, and it won't cost her family anything.
These ads always have a slightly jokey 'light' quality, and really spook me out.  Do people actually fantasise about having snazzy funerals?
This fatigue business is just getting more and more incredible. This moring I got up at 7:30 or so, but it was quite drizzly, so I thought I'd listen to  the Nina Simone biography on BOOK OF THE WEEK, before hitting the dog park. That was about 9:15. Next thing I knew, I was still  drooling in the chair with Moon snoring into the crook of my elbow, at 10:45...That is strange and sickly.
I went to the mall at Wandsworth, and saw another fox, right across the road from it, loping along, quite chilled.
When I got back, I actually managed to get my workout done, but it felt like the day was over, by then, and I felt knackered.


Recently, I surfed into an ancient Arthur Askey film on TV, and found it rather frightening! I'd never seen him in action before, I don't think. Exceptionally odd...There was a 'Capt. Birdseye'- type character involved who was even scarier than Arthur.

Yesterday was one of those horrible weather days that I hate most; promisingly wet and chilly, then the bloody sun comes out and back and forth all day. That's the kind of weather that depresses me intensely. and it did. Maybe something really bad happened to me as a child on a day like that. Gawd knows.
I also felt melancholy about the death of Jay Lynch at 72. I'd never met him, but he was one of the major Underground Comix names from my youth. *Sigh*
I didn't work out, anyway, because the morning was so wet.
It was quite decent, today, though, and after that, I went to get my fake nails removed, as they were getting really vile, after 6 weeks or so. Got a manicure on my 'real' nails, and it feels odd having them so short, but at least looks tidy.
IMAGINE tonight is about Alice Neel, so that should be interesting. I quite like her stuff.


Enjoying The View...
Blowy! Actually, I rather enjoyed my lil' workout in the wind, yesterday. If it's not too fierce, it's quite invigorating. I do worry about being taken out by flying debris, though.
I considered going to the pictures, but couldn't decide between T2 and LOGAN. In the end, I couldn't be arsed. Next week, maybe.
Saw an interesting IMAGINE...about Maya Angelou. I've always thought she was terribly full of herself, though. There was a clip from a Q&A session where a young fangirl addressed her as 'Maya' and got thoroughly slapped down for
 being disrespectful. Poor kid looked petrified.
This morning, it was drizzly, and I postponed going to the park, to go and buy cat litter, for thrills. On the way home, I went to Coffee Lovers, where I saw a grey-haired man who looked strikingly like handsome actor Michael McManus,who used to play hott zombie Kai in LEXX. Oh my goodness...I had to sneak gawks at him now and then. Poor soul was probably terrified by the old hag leering lewdly at him. Chortle.
Another unusual, and not so pretty sight was a man about my age, in a heavy old-fashioned tweed jacket teamed with short cut-offs. His legs were red raw in the dank chilly weather. Strange.


Still A True Brit...
Got my new passport, to my great relief. Silly as it is, I wondered if they might just decide to deport me, even though I've been a UK citizen for close to 45 years. Ludicrously paranoid, of course, but these days, it just seems any bizarre thing might happen...
Been watching too much telly as usual. The wonderfully whacky TABOO ended with a bang. There seemed to be the possibility of a second series. If there is, I hope Tom Hollander's sublimely sleazy Cholmondeley isn't as terminally crisped as he appeared to be.
There's a new three-part thriller. THE REPLACEMENT, which I wasn't particularly drawn to, but it's more original and entertaining than expected. Will probably stick it out. Ditto the final series of BROADCHURCH,which is already about 50 times better than the very dull second series, so hopefully will stay good.
Have also watched AS ABOVE,SO BELOW. a spooky story set in the Paris catacombs. No masterpiece, but moderately entertaining. ROOTS finishes tonight. I wasn't overly taken with the first lengthy chunk, but the 'Chicken George' saga last week was excellent.

The scanner is (sort of )working again. I've no idea why it conks out for ages, then revives, for no reason that I can ascertain.


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